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Why Social Media Is Like a Marriage and 5 Other Great Social Media Tips

Aaron Lee PRWebIf you don’t think lifetime value for your biz can be achieved from social media, think again. Social media prodigy Aaron Lee is an internet marketer and social media consultant who not only gives great advice, he has a huge following from people just waiting to read his next blog (now that’s dedication). Some of his best tips are below.

Q1: How do you think the new Facebook is beneficial to its users? In what ways is it harmful?

AL: I think the smart list is a great addition as it automatically organizes friends. I also love how you can subscribe to people as well.  I am not sure about the whole redesign of the page and the news ticker feature. It seems to “tick” people off.  If you ask me if it’s harmful: short term yes, users are irritated but over time they will get used to it and maybe love it. I think it will take a while before users gets used to it. Just like “#newtwitter” when it was launched. On the other hand, it could be a good thing for marketers though because friends will see brand pages their friends “like” in real time.

Q2: Is social media like a marriage between brands and customers? Why?

AL: I must admit, although I am not married, yes I believe so because of the concept of commitment to your customers. The idea of surprise and delight, being patient, and how social media is long term reminds me a lot of marriage. Oh not to mention apologies ASAP if the brand is wrong.

Q3: Why should we monitor our twitter followers? What are your recommended tools to do so?

AL: If a brand wants to do well, they have to monitor what people are saying. It’s not an option, because if you’re not monitoring, it’s like saying “we don’t care.” Listening is important, but responding is far more important. Twitter is a great tool for monitoring, brand recognition, and passive and direct sales techniques through followers. Whether positive or negative, interaction with potential/current customers is key to building relationships. Monitor for the chance to be challenged — find out where you could improve, or how people’s needs have changed.

Q4: What is earned media and how can we gain this through social media?

AL: Earned media is user generated content in a form of tweet, wall post, blog post, etc. from other people/brand advocates. Earned media is also a form of word-of-mouth from others. It’s powerful because people trust friends more than brands. How to do it is a tough question but doing something different like what Mortons did for Peter Shankman is a great example.

Q5: What is social search? How does it affect our business? Pros/cons?

AL: Social search gives more weight on what your friends have shared on social networking sites on searches. Pros: search results are more targeted. Cons: I think brands can misuse this to get people to share stuff.

Q6: What are some nice things you can do for your customers with social media?

AL: Listen, engage and surprise your customers.

This Q&A session was adapted from the latest edition of PRWeb’s Twitter chat, #PRWebChat. Aaron Lee or more known as Ask Aaron Lee (@askaaronlee) on twitter is your average Joe but with an extra-large social media addiction. His love for social media started in March 2009 when he joined twitter and sent out his first tweet from the web. Besides twittering Aaron is also a part time internet marketer and social media consultant helping businesses to grow their business on twitter. He does freelancing with businesses to help them build their business online using social media. If you’re interested in connecting with Aaron, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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