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Viralheat Social Sentiment Analysis Chrome Plugin Now Supports Facebook!

Today, we released our new and improved Viralheat Social Sentiment plugin in the Chrome Store, giving any user the power to analyze the sentiment of tweets, Twitter streams and now: Facebook’s News Feeds, Timelines, fan pages, posts and comments too — directly from the browser and completely free!

You can go download it in the Chrome Web Store here.

We understand how important sentiment analysis is for brands, businesses, product teams and anyone who’s interested in meaningfully engaging with their audiences. We’ve been working hard over here at Viralheat HQ to engineer what we think is the best social sentiment analysis engine out there — and more importantly, to get it in your hands for free.

Why? Because we want to build the smartest sentiment engine in the world — our plugin comes with built-in capabilities to set custom sentiment thresholds for various types of content and includes feedback loops so you can play your part to train the engine so it gets smarter for everyone. We also offer the same powerful sentiment analysis technology via our sentiment API — read more about that here.

We encourage you to download the plugin and get in touch with your sensitive side… (haha) To get you started, check out these interesting examples below for some ideas of how you can use the plugin. Thanks for the continued support. We’re 100% positive you’ll love it!

Social Sentiment Analysis For Facebook (For TV, Celebrities, Fan Pages, Sports and more)

TV show reviews (ex:  The Office) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for The Office page is 56% pos, 12% neg and 32% neu across 59 msgs on  Facebook
  • Want to see what people are posting about a new TV show? Or how about if a show posts the video for an individual episode? With the Facebook Social Sentiment plugin, you can see how people feel about it — whether it’s a post or a comment, you see real-time sentiment and message or comment counts right on the fan page.
Famous figures (ex: Hope Solo, U.S. Women’s Soccer team goalkeeper) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for Hope Solo page is 67% pos, 11% neg and 22% neu across 108 msgs on  Facebook
  • Hope is one of the most recognizable women’s soccer players in the world after an incredible performance in the 2011 Women’s World Cup, and she’s continuing to become more of a mainstream athlete with her participation in Dancing With The StarsAccording to her official Facebook fan page, she and her fans have good things to say!
Company pages (ex: Facebook) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for Facebook page is 30% pos, 32% neg and 38% neu across 126 msgs on  Facebook
  • Curious to see what the sentiment of the conversations happening on your page looks like? With the Social Sentiment plugin, there’s no effort required… Viralheat does it for you! Choose to show or hide comments on individual posts and get instant results at the top of the page.
Product reviews (ex: Canon Powershot) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for Canon PowerShot page is 56% pos, 13% neg and 30% neu across 82 msgs on  Facebook
  • Before you make a purchase decision about a product, you likely want to see what people are saying about it. With the Viralheat plugin, you can get a sense for how people are feeling about specific products by visiting its Facebook page and taking a look at the sentiment breakdowns.
Sports (ex: Major League Baseball) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for MLB page is 35% pos, 23% neg and 42% neu across 226 msgs on  Facebook
  • We’re into playoffs now, so the MLB fan page still has a lot to say and a lot of people wanting to comment. So how do baseball fans feel about what’s going on in the post-season? Right now it looks like the sentiment is fairly evenly spread across positive, negative and neutral… We’ll see how that changes as it gets closer to this year’s World Series champion!

Social Sentiment Analysis For Twitter (For News, Movies, Politics, Current Events and more)

Product announcements (ex: iPhone 4s announcement) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for “iphone4s OR “iphone 4s”” is 44% positive, 17% negative and 38% neutral across 440 tweets
  • As Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the newest iPhone model (the iPhone 4s) the tweets expectedly poured in. While the new phone does have some cool new features (better camera, world phone capabilities and Siri), it was widely felt that the announcement fell short of expectations and left many disappointed. After quickly entering iphone4s OR “iphone 4s” into Twitter’s search field, the above results were returned, and as more relevant tweets were posted the results updated to match.
Movie reviews (ex:  Dolphin Tale) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for “dolphin tale” is 76% positive, 7% negative and 18% neutral across 209 tweets
  • People have a lot of good things to say about Dolphin Tale (“A lonely and friendless boy finds and untangles a hurt dolphin that is caught in a crab trap. He becomes very attached to the dolphin when the tail must be taken off to save the dolphin’s life. The boy believes the dolphin would be able to swim normally if it was given a prosthetic tail.” via IMDb). This plugin gives me my very own review system, so I can check out what people are saying about movies before I go spend $10+ to see it. Guess I shouldn’t have judged Dolphin Tale so quickly?
News (ex: Bank of America’s $5 debit card fee) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for “bank of america” is 6% positive, 63% negative and 30% neutral across 141 tweets
  • When Bank of America announced they were going to start charging a $5 monthly fee for debit card usage starting sometime next year, people weren’t happy about it. Beyond the media, consumer attitude was apparent thanks to social media. Using the Social Sentiment plugin, we were able to capture a piece of the backlash in stats.
Politics (ex: the Federal Reserve) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for “federal reserve” is 18% positive, 66% negative and 17% neutral across 119 Tweets
  • Social Sentiment analysis can be applied to politician’s names, political movements, initiatives, campaigns and much more to get an idea of how people feel about them. You read and hear about how politicians are doing in the polls…why not run your own polls — whenever you want them!
Current events (ex: Occupy Wall Street) – According to @ viralheat the sentiment for “occupywallstreet” is 56% positive, 16% negative and 28% neutral across 231 Tweets
  • There are things going on every day all over the world. Thanks to the Internet we not only can find out about global events when they happy, but can follow along in real-time. Add to that capability, the Social Sentiment plugin, and you have your own personal current event monitor that breaks down positive, negative and neutral mentions.

Our Sentiment APIs are also pretty awesome…

This August we announced the availability of our free sentiment API for developers. With the API, anyone registered with a developer account can apply our technology to any data set they’d like. We were looking forward to seeing how the API would be used, so we were very excited to see these awesome use-cases from some very creative people…

  • Tracking a conference keynote: Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) cleverly combined the use of the sentiment API and a spreadsheet of conference tweets to find out how two separate keynotes went and stacked up against each other.
  • Applying Sentiment Analysis to the Bible: This application of sentiment was beyond anything we had even thought of and love the awesome creativity of the concept. In this case, the sentiment API was run “over several Bible translations to produce a composite sentiment average for each verse.” (via

As you can see, there are endless possible applications for Viralheat’s sentiment tools and APIs. So as we continue rolling out new toys for you to play with, we hope you keep the innovation going!

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