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Facebook Changes – Trending Topics

Woman hands touch social media icon on futuristic screenTrying to find the right equation for your online marketing?  The magic formula for everything from creating blogs and expanding your social networks to crafting compelling content and choosing the best press release distribution services is a constantly moving target that marketers need to stay on top of.

For a little inspiration, take a page from the Facebook model.  While the recent changes at Facebook drew the ire of some users, slowly people are settling into the new format.  Even though it may slightly rock the world of Facebook’s 800 million users, there’s no doubt the social giant will continue to make alterations along the way.

Those changes highlight the continual focus on relationships and connection.   They give us more ways to remain updated on what all our buddies are doing any time of the day or night, stay on top of topics we’ve told Facebook we’re interested in and curate friends – all aspects of online marketing that PR pros can take hints from.

Here are three of the top changes and how PR pros can learn from them:

1. The New Ticker

It used to be enough to know which of our friends was logged in at the same time we were.  Now we get to keep up with conversations and threads going on all around us as they happen, and even better, participate in the discussions.  The live feed ticker gives us a real time connection to our friends everywhere.

The continual emphasis on conversations is a reminder to PR pros that the Internet is really just a spider web of never-ending discussions. This proves that the ability to start and maintain relevant conversations is a skill that we can’t do without.

2. The Revamped News Feed

Facebook is trying to hone in more specifically to our interests.  The updated news feed allows users to see top stories that closely match the information we’ve provided through profiles and posts.  Recent news feed posts help us keep up with what went on while we were away.

What keeps us coming back to our pages?  The desire to see who else cares about what we do.  For PR pros the aspect of finding commonalities with audiences echoes Facebook’s revamps.  We should understand our target markets intimately so as to create a meaningful connection.

3. The Updated Friends Button

Ever had a friend who was guilty of over-sharing?  Now you can click the Friends’ button to adjust how much you hear from them.  You’re not un-friending them, you’re just censoring.   If you deem them a Close Friend you’ll see all their posts.  However, if you apply the Acquaintance setting, you’ll only see their most important updates.

PR pros can take a hint from this ability to cut back on needless information. Audiences will cut out any noise that isn’t relevant to their lives.  It is now more important than ever to make sure that your content doesn’t fall into that category.

Facebook’s formatting provides a thumbnail sketch to marketers of the typical social network user.  We all have a hunger for connection and want to be up on the latest news that interests us.  With information available to us 24/7 we can be pickier about what we look at and what we don’t. Keep your content relevant, on Facebook and across the board, to combat this.

How do you feel about the Facebook changes?  Share your experience with us in a comment.

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