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Social Media Monitoring: What Terms Should Your Company Track?

Social media monitoring is an excellent tool that can give your company a wealth of information on how its services are resonating with its target demographic. But in order for it to reach its full potential, companies must choose the right terms to keep track of.

For companies that have never monitored social media before, it can be challenging to brainstorm all the right terms. While many think that simply monitoring a company’s brand name will suffice, in reality there is an abundance of ways people could be discussing a particular business without directly referring to it by name.


It’s also important to think outside the box. Social media users might discuss industry-wide concerns that could be of great interest to your company.

To help spark some ideas, here’s a rough guideline of the types of terms we recommend brands keep track of in their social media monitoring endeavors:

  • Product names- Follow the names of all products and services offered by your company, past and present.  If you’re developing a future product, start tracking that too so you can be alerted to leaked information.
  • Slogans & ad campaigns- Find out if the ad campaigns you’re funding are creating any buzz in the social media sphere.
  • Competitor’s brands and products- Always track your competition. Find out what they’re doing right, or learn from their mistakes to avoid making the same ones yourself.
  • Trademarks- Make sure to track any terms you’ve trademarked, that way you can make sure no one is infringing on your brand.
  • Industry terms- Follow all terms pertaining to your industry. Include trade conventions and expos under this umbrella.
  • Journalists, critics, and bloggers- No matter what your industry is, somebody is writing about it online. Follow the people who cover it.
  • Clients- Clients always have the most intimate outside perspective of your company. You’ll want to know what they’re announcing to the world.
  • Past, present, and future employees- Employees sometimes unwittingly divulge sensitive information via social media. It’s a good idea to keep tabs on them
  • Misspellings- Always track common misspellings of everything listed above.

Of course, the possibilities of what you could track are limitless. But the above ideas will give any company a great start on getting the most out of their social media monitoring.

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