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5 More Myths about Businesses and Social Media

After writing last week’s top 5 myth’s I just couldn’t stop.  So here are five more myths about business and social media.  Take a look.

  1. Social Media is just a fad.  Social media is here and it’s here to stay. While you may not have felt compelled to jump in when it was brand new, establishing your social presence now can do more than help you put on a friendly face to the public. Having a quick communication venue in case of a crisis can be critical.  Case in point:  when Dominos Pizza had a YouTube scandal go viral (read here) they didn’t have the means in place to respond quickly and appropriately. Their few days delay to respond cost them business and share prices.

  2. My needs are covered with my Traditional Advertising Campaign.  While your expectations may be covered by your traditional advertising efforts, we have yet to run across a company who is turning away business in this economy. With the widespread use of the Internet, today’s tech-savvy people are searching online for products and services rather than pulling out the phone book.  If you can answer yes to any of these questions then Social Media can benefit you:
    1. Do you want to drive more traffic to your company website?
    2. Do you want to make it easy for people to find you?
    3. Do you want to make potential customers feel like they know you?
    4. Do you want to generate new leads?
    5. Do you want to give customers a venue for feedback, suggestions or to ask questions when they need help?
    6. Do you want to learn more about your consumers, their preferences, motivations and ideas about you and your competitors?
  3. Our target demographic is too “mature” for Social Media.  It is true that Facebook, the mega-site of social networking, was originally targeted for college students, Facebook and social media in general reach a lot more than the youth of the world.  In fact, as of Dec 2011, 42% of the 156 million Facebook users in the US are 35+.Look at more professionally minded sites like LinkedIn or investment sites like Money Talk and the demographics keep climbing. Don’t discount the tech-savvy older demographic—those are the often wiser and more experienced consumers influencing the newer generation of consumers.
  4. Social Media is just another way to promote my brand.  Many businesses start their social media efforts because they want to grow their sales online and see it as another way to promote their brand. As a strategy this is valid—social media can be used to promote your brand. But the approach you take needs to be different.  It is key to understand that social is a two way street, a conversation, where engaging with customers and providing value is key for social media success. Think about it, it’s called “social” media isn’t it?
  5. We can just try Social Media for a few months and see how it goes.  How would you feel if you were on a great date with someone who seemed pretty cool and just as you were getting to know them they never returned after a trip to the loo? Abandoned and with a negative about their character most likely. That’s how consumers feel when they start engaging with a business after they abandon social media too soon.  Social media is not a quick fix to your marketing or sales problems.  Rather, it requires a long-term commitment. Unlike traditional means of marketing, social media is about establishing relationships, earning trust and building rapport with your connections. Don’t stand your potential and valued existing clients up on that date!

Did we cover them all? How do you handle these myths when they come up in your department or company meetings?

~Jackie Kmetz
Social Intelligence Crusader

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