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Frequently Asked Questions in Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring isn’t exactly a household name… yet. In the meantime, there are obviously a lot of questions asked by those unfamiliar with it.

Hopefully, the following will give you a greater understanding of how our system works. You can also check out our official social media monitoring FAQ page for a more in depth look at this exciting technology.

Question: Why does my company need social media monitoring?

Every day, social media becomes an even more dominant force in the internet landscape. People interact with over 900 million posts on Facebook every day. Twitter users send over 200 million tweets per day. Google’s new social media platform “Google+” saw nearly 50 million signups in just two months.

In other words, there’s an avalanche of users out there using social media, and many are using it to talk about your company. Social media posts are increasingly being tied into people’s search results, meaning they may see comments about your company as they decide what link to click on.

You need to know what’s being said about your company to reward loyal customers and solve problems with unhappy ones. And the only way to get an accurate picture of what’s being said about your company on a given day is through social media monitoring services.

Question: What types of internet services do you monitor?

While what we offer is called “social media monitoring,” our service keeps tabs on content that goes well beyond the basic term. Essentially, our service monitors almost all user generated content on the internet, from blog posts to video uploads. Here’s a sampling of what we track:

• Over 250 million blogs and blog hosts
• Over 5 million forums, message boards and UseNet groups
• Product review sites and comments on shopping sites like Amazon, Best Buy, etc.
• News and mainstream media sites
• Video and photo sharing sites (e.g., YouTube, Flickr, etc.)

Question: Will we have to read all these posts to understand what users are saying about our company?

Few companies have time to look at everything that’s being said about it online. To solve this dilemma, we’ve created sentiment analysis technology that gives our customers an overall picture of what’s being said about their company in a given timeframe. This allows a company to quickly find out if a large population is feeling positively or negatively about their services.

Our sentiment analysis goes further than simply gauging positive or negative reactions. We know there are different gradations of positive or negative reactions, and our software accounts for this. It can also do other exciting things like guess the gender, age, and determine the physical origin of the speaker, giving your company a snapshot of how it’s doing with specific demographics.

The information provided by social media monitoring is truly invaluable. To find out more details, visit our social media monitoring services page.

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