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Getting to know Google+ – Your questions answered

Google Plus QuestionsIn the 5 months since the launch of Google+, we’ve hosted 3 webinars to help PR & Marketing Professionals get hip to this exciting new social networking site. We are continually shocked at the amount of changes that Google has made to the platform each time we make updates to our slides.

Each webinar, we are grateful at the amount of attendees we have and even more excited to see the amount of questions that are submitted from our audience. Here are some of the ones that we weren’t able to address on last week’s webinar:

Q: Are journalists showing a preference for Google+ over Facebook? Have journalists & bloggers embraced Google+ like Facebook & Twitter? Right now, FB & Twitter seem great ways to contact reporters/bloggers. How does Google+ rate?

A: These are all great questions. While I couldn’t find any exact figures on how many journalists are on Google+, I did find two articles that may be of interest to our audience. The first was about how journalists are currently using Google + and the other was on the recent integration of journalists’ Google+ profiles into Google News.

Q: As far as business pages, can more than one person be an admin of the page?

A: Right now there can only be one administrator per Google+ page.  Google has mentioned that they will address this issue soon and most likely allow multiple admins per page.  We’ve heard some rumors that they will simply create an “Admin” circle, which seems to make sense.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

If your business already has a Google profile that you use to access other Google accounts (such as your company’s YouTube account), you can create your Google+ Business Page from that profile.

Q: Can you coordinate your Twitter feed and Facebook feed into Google+?

A: Yes. I think there are a couple of ways to do this. The one that we used is called SGPlus. If you click on this link, you can access SGPlus and follow the instructions based on your preferred browser: Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Q: Can you feed an RSS feed of a webpage to the stream to reach your circles or the public?

A: Google+ does not allow automatic publishing of content, unlike other social networks.  Automated feeds are generally discouraged in favor of a personal touch to sharing information.  Some could say that this best practice is the reason why Google+ doesn’t allow automatic feeds, but the real reason is because they do not have a two-way API (which Facebook and Twitter both have) that allows you to post to Google+ from another source.

Q: Can you put the Google Plus icon on your business web page and have it link through to your Google plus page?

A: You absolutely can.  There is a Google+ badge that you can put on your site that allows users to put your company in their own circles directly from your business’s web page. You can install it from the link below:

Q: How widespread are Google business pages becoming?

A: According to some of experts, Google+ business pages are getting a slow start, but they have only been live for about 4 weeks as of today. Just like anything else, I think it will take time for brands to start getting their feet wet on Google+. Here’s a great blog post to help you create your own Google+ Business Page.

Q: Do hashtags work in Google+ the same way as Twitter?

A: They do!  You can use a hashtag to call out topics within a post.  Clicking on a hashtag will run a search in Google+ for all posts that contain the same keyword.

Q: Can you follow other business pages as a business page? How do businesses go about acquiring followers on Google+? Is it all based on search?

A: Yes, currently the only entity a business page can follow without being followed first is a business page.

Q: When you say “shared publicly” does that mean only to your all your followers or is there a public feed somewhere?

A: Shared publicly means that you are on Google+ public feed so not only can your followers view your post, but so can everyone else on Google+. Also, keep in mind, public posts are also searchable in Google by users who may not even be in Google+.

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