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Color Me Interested – How Color Can Affect Your Online Press Releases

How Color Can Affect Your Online Press ReleasesThroughout the years, scientists have learned how humans are influenced by subtle elements in their environment. This includes connections to memory through sight and sound to how color can markedly influence behavior and mood.

As online marketers, we are constantly searching for ways to connect with our audiences.  If we take the behavior-altering aspects of color and apply them to marketing, it makes sense that press release services could use color to affect the way audiences feel about brands when reading press releases.

Numerous recent studies have shown that red is the ideal color for detail-oriented tasks.  One Canadian study found that participants working on computers with red backgrounds performed their detailed tasks better.

Blue is the color most associated with inspiration and creativity.  The same study showed people working with blue backgrounds scored higher on intuitive and creative tasks.

Check out additional emotions various colors elicit and how you can use colors in your press releases to sway audiences:

  • Shades of red, yellow and orange typically excite and energize people.
  • Softer shades of blues and greens provide a calming effect.
  • Black speaks to authority and professionalism.
  • Purple lends an aura of wealth and royalty.

Use colors in three areas of your press releases:

  • Logos – The initial face of your brand, and the graphic that people identify your company with.  While colors are important in logos, they are not as interchangeable as other areas of your marketing.

However, you can tie other areas of your release into your established logo colors.  Experiment with different areas of your press releases to see what works for you. Always remember to include your logo in all aspects of your marketing, from press release to press kits and onward to continue building your brand.

  • Images – You have more leeway in incorporating colors in to images.  For example, graphic designs can incorporate colors to elevate the image’s message.  Infographics can include multiple eye-catching colors to reinforce the topical theme.

While the opportunities for color seem limitless, don’t go wild without a plan.  Revisit the original goal for this press release.  Are you trying to get people excited about something, reassure them or establish an air of credibility?  Be sure your colors complement your plan.

  • Attachments – Attachments can provide the additional details that help readers understand your overall message.  While you might be less inclined to blend a variety of colors in the actual press release, consider how colors in this content piece can reinforce your point.

One note of caution, too many colors or images can overwhelm readers and distract them from your message.  Use a creative yet conservative approach in deciding how many colors make the perfect combination.

Press release services can help you craft your content in a myriad of ways.  In addition to helping you decide which and how many colors work best in your release, they can help with drafting and editing content, incorporating multimedia elements and creating the ideal press release distribution process.

Have you played with color in your press releases?  Let us know what kind of a response you received in the comments section below.

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