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Snowbasin Drops a Bomb – An F Bomb

Snow Resort – get thyself social!

The following is an excerpt from the Classic Ink Creative blog:

This week, Snowbasin (A Utah based resort with 5,938 Facebook fans and 1,805 Twitter followers) was dealt a publicity blow. Not because of anything Snowbasin necessarily did, but because of what one of their employees did. (If you’re team isn’t socially aware, you should get them aware to evade a public crisis.)

We’ll get to the incident in a moment, first we want to address that the particular piece of content was not first placed on the big three… Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, it was Vimeo (a video content site that some businesses do not give enough credit because of YouTube’s undeniable global scale exposure). The kids who had the situation with the ski patroller caught the entire incident on video (featuring a very unprofessional *f* bomb dropped by an adult employee AFTER he had already told them to shut up, which was unprofessional in itself). Being the tech-savvy 140 character tweeting consumers that most millennials are , they had enough sav’ in them to capture the diatribe in it’s entirety and upload it to their Garden Stories Vimeo channel.

From the Vimeo channel, it made it’s rounds in the ski/snowboard viral-sphere then was picked up by thousands of other tech-savvy people who watch this industry.  After it made it’s primary rounds, the content was definitely displayed to the parents (The same people resorts target because they make the buying decisions for the FAMILY ski trips) on mobile devices who then blogged about it on their mom/dad blogs then tweeted it to their followers just to make sure to spread the word. This means the resort’s impressions on people were maximized and uncontrollable, because today’s consumers expect that ALL businesses they pay money to to treat them in a dignified manner.

Harassment at Snowbasin – Extended & Unedited from Garden Stories. on Vimeo.

Your Business Has To Be Social

If your brand is not social, it’s going to hurt. It may not hurt you now, but the longer you hesitate the longer you miss out on potential business opportunities, and subsequent revenue. If your brand isn’t social, be aware that your competition may be generating revenue through these outlets NOW.  While you are wondering how to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo in 2013…they will have moved on to gamification, augmented reality and NFC (near-field communication).

How does this apply to Snowbasin’s present boo boo? By current standards they are great socially, in fact they were very responsive unlike say… Penn State who bottled up after their current crisis. Snowbasin most likely has a properly trained staff for social media, and rightfully so… these types of incidents can happen at any point. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if a certain patroller made it to social media awareness class. He should have known that kids on the slopes are toting around video capturing devices and will not stop for anything that would prohibit them from a production that could go viral.

Keep reading to find out how Classic Ink would handle the situation, and how they keep their clients from experiencing issues like this.


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