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Small Business Marketing – Learn From 5 Things That Could Use Good PR

SharkSome unfortunate people, places and things have been getting bad raps for years – think sharks, for example.  Portrayed as cold-blooded killers, folks worldwide are terrified of the creatures, yet in reality they cause fewer deaths (5 – 15 worldwide each year) than choking on hot dogs (70 children die annually).

Yet, being misunderstood can be the inspiration for any number of compelling small business marketing ideas and can also provide valuable PR tips for online marketers.

See if you agree with our top 5:

1. “Lightning Never Strikes Twice In The Same Place.”

Absolutely untrue, says NASA.  The shuttle launch pad is regularly hit more than once in the same storm year after year.

How can you apply the actual truth to your PR campaigns?  Remember this possibility:

One bad press release can go viral immediately and unlike in years past, it can continue its path of destruction for your business for days and weeks.  In reality, the effects can last forever because once something is on the net it’s there in perpetuity.  The lightning effect can strike again and again.

2. “You’re Safer At Home Than On An Airplane.”

Actually, that’s not exactly true.  Of course it depends upon the year, but according to Yahoo Answers, 200 people died in plane crashes in 2010.  Whereas each year, an average of 450 people die just falling out of bed.

Consider this PR connection:

  • First mistake – don’t assume.  Even if everyone says your campaign will perform a certain way, campaigns rarely produce exactly the results you plan for.  Be prepared to adjust to audience responses and create new content on the fly.  The best campaigns are as dynamic as the Internet winds that drive them.

3. “Lions Are The Most Dangerous Animals In Africa”

The big cats have to step aside.  Hippos are recognized as the most dangerous animals on the African landscape.  They are extremely territorial, aggressive and are as deadly on land as in the water.

Your PR tie-in?  Tinker with traditional trains of thought:

  • Use provocative metaphors and references (appropriately, of course) in your press releases and headlines to capture readers’ attention and generate discussion.

4. “Fat Is Bad For You.”

Nearly everyone knows that statement doesn’t tell the whole truth.  Some fats are bad for you, but some (mainly monounsaturated) are healthy, important parts of a balanced diet.

How does fat fit into a PR food plan?

  • Find ways to season your content for a more delicious press release.  Add multi-media elements such as photos, video and graphic images to give readers a more satisfying meal.

5. “You Can Catch A Cold From Standing Outside”

The real cold culprit is a virus, pure and simple.  You can stand outside in frigid temps with wet hair but the only thing you’ll get is really uncomfortable.

Use this as a press release writing tip:

  • Appeal to readers’ basic human instincts to create compelling content. Tap into our wants, worries, fears and hopes to draw us in.

While misunderstandings can cause unfortunate results, they don’t have to derail your small business marketing.  You can manipulate nearly any point of view with creativity and the myriad of resources available with just the click of a mouse.

Take a page from the Shark Playbook.   Now the most popular week in summer television is Shark Week touting the exciting but much safer than expected facts behind the ocean predator.  The viewership continues to grow each year and the programming has helped put the Discovery Channel on the map.  Not bad for a misunderstood fish.

Have any other misconceptions that can be turned into PR tips?  Share them with us below!.

(Photo Credit – Flickr Creative Commons: macorig)

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