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10 Gold Mine B2B Press Release Ideas For 2012

Press Release GoldWelcome to 2012 where the cultural trends will revolve around smartphones, minimalism through technology, a greener planet and a need for emotional connection with retailers (according to trend forecasting company WGSN).  Within these topics small business marketers can find a host of B2B press release ideas for 2012.

Here are 10 to get your inspirational caffeine high:

1. Your Business Is Mobile Friendly

First off, if your business isn’t mobile friendly, now’s the time to change that.  According to a Gartner research study, the increase of smartphones in the U.S. will continue (in fact, by 2013, more Internet access will take place via mobile rather than PC).

So let consumers see how mobile friendly your brand is.  Announce your new QR code campaign enabling customers to learn new ways to use your product or introduce your new mobile promotion providing special offers for smart phone users who access your website via their device.

2. Your Brand Is Green

Maybe you’ve already started the green push.  If so, you’re one up on the majority of businesses.  Use your press release ideas to share how your brand is actively making a difference on the planet.

Does a portion of your proceeds of special products benefit a green cause?  Have you started initiatives with your employees that reward them for green friendly behavior?  Let your target market know!

3. Your Employees Rock

Remember the desire for more emotional connection with retailers?  B2B marketers can tap into this desire by letting audiences get to know their fabulous employees.

Perhaps you’ve got a marketing manager who volunteers with local small businesses to provide free marketing advice or your sales director won an award for being one of the top 10 philanthropists in their community.

Mine the special talents and achievements of your team to find press release ideas and boost employee morale.

4. Your Company Remembers The Past

Even a company that sells airplane parts can create content that offers target audiences interesting and memorable information.

Perhaps a podcast series that shares the history of the industry with interesting interview guests talking about little known facts can be your next email marketing message.

5. Your Brand Knows How To Have Fun

While not all press release topics are exciting and fun, your headlines and hooks can be.  Take a second look at your content and see if you can give it a humorous twist.

Or, try creating a special rewards program for consumers who answer video questions on your Facebook page about how they used your products.

6. Your Business Is A Valued Neighbor

Press release ideas that take on a local spin are beneficial in numerous ways.  They capture the attention of the local market, they give audiences a different look at a company and they help the brand become more connected with the community.

Announce your latest local philanthropic project or invite your customers to tweet the next cause your brand could support.

7. Your Brand Is Social

Your next press release could talk about all the other social networks where consumers can find your brand beyond your Facebook page.

Create a Twitter press release that connects them to your new employee or job announcements on LinkedIn or encourage them to check out your Google+ business page.

8. Your Products/Services Improve Consumer Lives

This is a traditional favorite but you can add an extra boost by remembering what people are looking for in 2012 – ways to harness technology and make their lives easier/simpler.

Your products and/or services can be just the ticket they are searching for – use a video press release to show them how.

9. Your Brand Will Make Moves In 2012

Announcing new products, hires and acquisitions are stalwarts in the press release idea realm.  So keep them on your editorial calendar.

Don’t neglect to share how new business partnerships and operational upgrades will make your audience’s lives better, as well

10. Your Own Predictions for 2012

Show consumers and your competitors that you’ve got a great view of how your industry will change/improve in the months to come.

Use details from research, surveys, polls and thought leader interviews to provide valuable insight for the people who follow your industry closely.

We got so excited about these press release ideas, we just couldn’t stop.  So, here’s an extra for good measure.

11. Your 10-Best List

Hollywood publicity was born when Henry Rogers invented a “10 Best Dressed List” and put his unknown client Rita Hayworth at the top.  She didn’t stay unknown for long.

What 10 best ideas can you share?

The Internet is a treasure chest of golden ideas waiting to be found.  Need more press release ideas and tips?  Check out our learning center post 3 Press Release Ideas You Can’t Do Without.

(Photo Credit – Flickr Creative Commons: amandabel)

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