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Getting the Most Out of Seek or Shout

This is a guest post from Teresa Dankowski, Community Manager of Seek Or Shout and Opportunities Supervisor at Cision. 

The old saying goes: A carpenter is only as good as his or her tools, and users are only as effective as the effort put into maintaining a community presence. We launched an incredible site in public beta last week, and as the Community Manager of Seek or Shout, I would be remiss if didn’t help users maximize the experience. Here are five tips for perfecting and publicizing profiles and posts that give back.

Add a photo. We want to see you! The site isn’t called Hide and Seek, after all. Pictures are the way of social networks, and if you consider that 99 percent of Facebook users have uploaded at least one photo, I’m sure you could infer that photos are just as valuable to a site that makes content collaborators out of strangers-turned-followers. Showcase your personality, flash your signature smile—or in my case, prove your nearsightedness with nerdy glasses.

Share your background. Now that you’ve shown your face, tell the community who you are. Give us your professional background, but if you’re also an amateur backpacker or competitive yodeler, we want to know that too. If you’re looking to learn more about a topic or niche, tell users how they can help your professional development. If you work for a high-profile company or outlet, brag about your reach or credentials. Backgrounds are a good launch point for deciding who to follow and which people you may call on in a pinch for help with a story.

Tag, you’re it. By choosing your interests in the form of assigned tags, you’re deciding what Seeks or Shouts will be displayed on your homepage. Tags can reflect the industry you cover or represent, or simply the news you want to read. I don’t necessarily cover journalism, baseball, Chicago or restaurants—but being a hungry sports fan living in the Midwest with experience in publishing, these are still tags that matter to me. Your tags can be modified to narrow or broaden your feed, or to improve the Users to Follow suggestions. Which brings me to…

Be a follower. When Mom used to ask me, “Do you want to be a leader or a follower?”, clearly she couldn’t predict the Internet. I’m here to tell you it’s not only OK, but encouraged, to follow people you don’t know personally—especially if their interests, coverage or promotions overlap with your own. This is a site for sharing ideas and following users is the best way to see what people are saying, make meaningful connections and net followers in return. Seek or Shout makes recommendations based on interests, but you can also search for individuals or explore followers of followers, and so on. Those who follow graduate to leadership—wouldn’t Mom be proud?

Don’t overlook the details. The eye and megaphone icons help you post influencer requests needing attention and industry news with ease, but don’t forget to include guidelines, a relevant URL and your deadline in your posts. Are you looking to interview sources who are dads? Do you want to receive giveaways before Valentine’s Day? Should products be natural or organic? Assigning tags to Seeks and Shouts is especially vital, so your post can appear to users with similar interests. The extra minute you spend on specificity could save you legwork at the end of your campaign.

Remember, we’re all new here! If you have questions or feedback for Seek or Shout, send an e-mail to


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