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PR News Roundup 1/13/12: 5 PR Blog Posts You May Have Missed

Photo courtesy of terren in Virginia via Flickr, CC 2.0

It’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web this past week! Here’s the top five in no particular order…

The Top Five Reasons PR is So Darn Stressful via PRNewser

“After CareerCast listed PR as number seven on its list of most stressful jobs, we wanted to know why you think PR is so tough. Well, you had a ton to say on this topic but we boiled it down to the top five reasons.

1. Clients. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. From “unrealistic expectations” to rudeness to limited budgets, respondents on our Twitter feed and in the comments section of the post talked about how difficult clients can be to work with. Based on our unscientific observation, this was the number one reason for the industry’s tension.”

15 Top iPhone Apps for Work and Play via Waxing UnLyrical

“The other day, my brother sent me a message asking me what apps I was currently using on my iPhone. As I went down the list of my FUAs (Frequently Used Apps), I realized there are a lot that I simply assume everyone else is using… but maybe they’re not.

So I put together a list of my 15 top iPhone apps for you, in case you have been evaluating your own use of apps. Some of these might be new to you, some not, but either way, I hope you find the list helpful.”

FedEx Customer Video Turned Good PR via Spin Sucks

“Let’s talk about a good response to a customer service, turned social media, crisis, shall we?

During the holidays, a video of a FedEx delivery man threw a computer monitor over a gate and onto the lawn of the customer’s lawn.

The scary thing is it’s actually in a computer monitor box, not a FedEx box, so he knew it was fragile. He didn’t try to open the gate or ring the bell. He just threw it over the gate. And it broke.

The person who lives in that house must have the same “neighborly” issues we have because he has a security camera on the front gate. And the “delivery” was captured on video.”

7 Silly Mistakes to Stop Making in Your PR Pitches via HubSpot Blog

“Pitching to the press is no easy task. Every day, journalists receive thousands of emails from public relations professionals who are pitching their clients’ ideas; sometimes hundreds of mass pitches are sent to unsuspecting journalists from just one person in a given day. With such a high quantity of pitches, it is really easy to make a mistake, but it’s a shame when those mistakes could’ve easily been avoided with just a little awareness.

Take a look at the 7 biggest mistakes, and unfortunately some of the most common ones, that PR and marketing professionals make when pitching their stories to journalists. And next time you’re pitching your story, make sure you don’t fall victim to these public relations faux pas so you can increase your instances of PR success.”

A New Battle Emerges: Journalists v. PR Pros via

“Everyone in public relations or journalism knows it. It’s a love/hate relationship. In many cases, we make friends and contacts that mutually benefit each other’s careers. In other cases, we do what we gotta do to make our client or managing editor happy. Some PR pros are better than others, while some journalists are easier to work with than others – it’s just the name of the game.

I’ve split my career on both sides of the media relations aisle. First as a journalist, and later a PR pro. I’ve always thought that both disciplines were very similar, but not exactly synonymous. In the past, there has been a very distinct line between the two, but that is all about to change. Welcome to 2012 – the year it all turns upside-down.”

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog

Media Companies continue to add social and digital positions

There are many ways to track the media industry’s evolution in the digital age. Look at the thousands of journalists using social sites to find stories, for example, or count the myriad devices and delivery methods we now use to consume news content. But the shift really becomes clear when you have a look at the business card titles that some media professionals now use.

Chief Content Officer. Engagement Manager. Multiplatform Editor. Social Media Producer.

Let’s Meet IRL

This is a guest post from Erin Cloherty, Marketing Specialist at Cision.

I don’t believe there will ever be a replacement for the excitement of meeting and networking with new people. Many of the most valuable, insightful, and hilarious conversations I have had with other industry professionals occurred- in real life- at one of the many events that Cision participates in throughout the year.

I invest a considerable amount of time researching new and relevant events for Cision to get involved in each year- check out these Industry events I’ve got lined up for the beginning of 2012 (plus I’ve added a few others that I thought you’d  be interested in.)

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