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19 Press Release Resolutions For Your Content Marketing

2012 New Year AheadWith the end of another year, we’re doing the requisite look-back over the past 12 months to determine what topped the list of content marketing tips.  With all that nifty information we collected, we’ve created 20 press release resolutions that you can start initiating now.

We’ll even give you a push by starting your sentence for you:  This year, I resolve to…


  1. Stay Committed.  Ever notice how crowded your health club parking lot is at the beginning of the year?  Typically it takes just six weeks for those once-committed fitness fans to resume their sedentary lifestyles.  Be sure that when you commit to a new editorial schedule, you don’t fall away before Valentine’s Day.
  2. Use Press Release Distribution Services More.  They can give wings to your press releases, but don’t forget they can also teach you how to write better and provide editing services to perfect your message.
  3. Reorganize My Content Marketing House.  We’re betting you’ve got some press release topics and resources hidden away in your company archives.  Consider repurposing your past releases, interviews, articles and offline promotional materials to come up with a 2012 twist on strong performing content from the past.
  4. Use Multimedia.  We’ve been espousing it for a while and will continue on throughout 2012.  Give your press releases a new look.  Readers will thank you for it – with more shares, likes and retweets.
  5. Remember That Brevity Still Rocks.  Some things don’t change a bit year over year, including how long your press releases should be; 500 – 800 words.
  6. Resolve To Craft Better Headlines.  The never-ending creative challenge of headlines will give PR pros the same nerves this year as they did last.  Relax a bit and have fun teasing, inviting or challenging your readers with 70 scintillating characters.
  7. Mix In Meme Marketing.  In the summer we talked about those words, phrases, songs and videos that catch fire and invade the collective culture consciousness.  As long as people are communicating, memes will be around.  Keep your eye out for the next generation of memes which could be content boosters for your press releases.
  8. Optimize Responsibly.  Too much salt on a steak can make it inedible.  The same goes for keywords.  Dump too many in your press releases and both readers and search engines will bounce.
  9. Find A New Niche Website To Place My Releases.  Don’t think there aren’t more websites that appeal to your target market.  There most definitely are and they’re cropping up daily.  Go exploring!
  10. Give It To ‘Em Straight. In at least the first 10 words and at most your first paragraph, tell readers the essentials of what you want them to know.
  11. Tweet My Way To Success.  More and more marketers are learning the value of putting their press releases on Twitter.  Use up to 100 of your 140 characters to tout and link your release and leave the remaining characters for followers to retweet your gems.
  12. Keep Current By Following The Best Bloggers.  Check out The 25 Essential Public Relations Blogs You Should Be Reading.  No doubt these thought leaders have lots of cool things to say in 2012.  Stay tuned.
  13. Find New Ideas For My Press Releases.  Don’t get stuck in the same old, same old trap.  Give your 2012 press releases a new flair by writing about a variety of topics, such as:
    • Upgrades to your website
    • Steps toward going green
    • Debunking myths associated with your business
    • Your pro-bono work
  14. Remember Time Is Of The Essence. You readers don’t have much time to spare, so get to the point in your press releases quickly.  Few of us have time to meander these days, especially on the web.
  15. Make My Releases Hometown Friendly.  Don’t forget to appeal to the folks in your community.  Tell them about special events, philanthropic efforts and local news related to your business.
  16. Engage My Readers.  We love quizzes, contests and surveys.  Give us more!
  17. Help My Releases Do Double Time.  We’re sure you’re putting your press releases into your blog posts. You are, aren’t you?
  18. Avoid Aggrandizing Adjectives.  The less said, well, the better.
  19. Be Discoverable.  Give readers as many ways as possible to contact you.  Include your mobile, land line, fax, website, street and email address.

Do these resolutions inspire you?  Take action now by creating a free account.


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