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What’s In a Meme?

Meme WildfireWildfire spreads like memes do!

What is it about those videos, phrases and songs that spread throughout our culture like wildfire and take hold of our imaginations?  Those catchy sparks of pop culture that brand themselves in our cumulative subconscious are known as memes.

Imitating memes or riding on their coat tails can be a successful part of your online marketing mix.  Take the Old Spice Guy campaign for example:  With its immediate success, imitators came out of the woodwork – and spread like wildfire.

Check out this word cloud below for examples of memes that spread like wildfire. What others can you think of?

Fail Fan Icon Like Web Post Send Viral Copy Video Views Share Shock Morph Remix Evolve Follow Jingles Kittehs Humor Imitate Spread Upload LOLCats Channel Guerilla Winning YouTube Inception Subscribe Lipsynch Marketing Download Bookmark Rickrolling Bert Is Evil Ask A Ninja O RLY? Owl Squirrelize Sad Keanu Pass Along Page Views Pop Culture Numa Numa FunnyOrDie Cheezburger Photographs StumbleUpon Chuck Norris Bed Intruder Dancing Baby Star Wars Kid This is Sparta Just Capshunz Honey Badger Hamster Dance I Has A Hotdog Double Rainbow Treadmill Dance Nuts the Squirrel One Red Paperclip Dramatic Chipmunk TooCoolToBeHipster Internet Phenomenon Demotivational Posters


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