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Boost Your (Press Release) Body: Press Release Services Tips

Boost Your Press Release BodyWarning:  If you’re looking for personal fitness advice, look elsewhere.  These are body building tips that will give your press releases more muscle.

Today, it seems, you can’t throw a rock without hitting the latest article about the art of optimizing your press release.  And while that’s all good, many small business marketers and PR pros are forgetting about the meat of the release.

So, to help you put more muscle in your press releases, follow these tips from our press release services vault:

  • Exercise Your Middle

Once you’ve created a killer 70 character headline and a lead paragraph to match, don’t fall into the trap of neglecting the details that add strength to your content.

Remember the fact that every word matters.  As the best writers of fiction understand, if your words aren’t advancing the story, they shouldn’t be there.  The same goes for your middle paragraphs – include information that clarifies the story you’re trying to tell.

  • Stay Committed

Remember that fantastic hook in your lead paragraph?  Don’t diminish its power by just adding a cursory connection at the end of your release.

When searching our press release services tips we found one that shouldn’t be ignored – integrate the theme you started throughout your release to keep readers interested.  However, don’t go cliché crazy.  Over servings of clever sayings can be as heavy as too much Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Use Quotes To Educate

Every press release should include a quote from a spokesperson to give the information a personal touch.  Whether from your marketing manager or your CEO, the quote should reinforce the positive points of your press release topic.

Including quotes from partners in projects or joint ventures can add a spark as well, just be sure those quotes add to the highlighted point, rather than just repeat it.

  • Strengthen Your Tendons

Just like connecting muscle to bone, the tendons of your press release should connect your paragraphs in a seamless piece that announces your story, fills in important information and finally compels readers to act.

Integrate this press release services find for strengthening your writing tendons.  Use effective transitions and then check that each paragraph builds upon the prior section and all paragraphs lead logically to the conclusion.

  • Optimize Your Efforts

In the gym you might switch up weight machines to optimize your workout but in your press release, optimization is all about using the right keywords at the right times.

Spotlight your keywords in your title and lead paragraphs, then sprinkle them throughout the body 2-3 times to reinforce your search rank value.

The challenge of creating a press release that provides all the key details and keeps audiences reading till the end isn’t easy to master but when you approach the process knowing all the elements that must be present for success, you’ll boost your results.

For more helpful tips on how to give your press releases more clout, check out our learning center article, 3 Press Release Ideas You Can’t Do Without.

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