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PR News Roundup 2/10/12: 5 PR Blog posts You May Have Missed

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It’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web this past week! Here’s the top five in no particular order…

5 Ways that Bloggers Are Like the Cool Kids in High School via PRBreakfastClub

“I went to a great presentation this week by @jaykrall on Blogger Relations. He talked in depth about how PR pros can seek and engage bloggers with their brand. Great speaker if anyone is looking for one.

One thing he said is that bloggers know other bloggers. I guess I never really thought about it but of course they do. The challenge is breaking into that group. There are many similarities between bloggers and the cool group in high school.”

Get Out of Your Own Way: 5 Excuses Marketers Use to Avoid Social Media ROI via Social Media Explorer

“You see it everywhere. Management teams and marketers desperately want to understand how social media is delivering to the bottom line. Marketers are getting tons of pressure from their management teams and are desperate for a way to prove their strategies are working. With so many chomping at the bit to get at true return on investment (ROI), how has it remained so elusive? Has social media become the marketing channel that we know we need to have, but can’t demonstrate why? ”

How to Make Your Content Go Viral via Spin Sucks

“We have an internal joke when a client or prospect asks us to help them create something viral.

We say, “Sure! Have two guys kick one another in the privates and it’s sure to go viral!”

The fact of the matter is, you can’t MAKE anything go viral. It’s not about how many shares you can get from your friends and family.

It’s about great creative, great content, and some fairy magic dust.”

What’s An Average Day on Facebook [Infographic] via Social Media Today

“Did you know that American Internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other site? Not only is it the site with the second-largest U.S. audience, just behind Google, but it far surpasses every other site in the top 10 most popular websites, according to data from Nielsen, with the average user spending more than 7 hours and 45 minutes each month on the site.

No wonder it’s a popular site for marketing and engaging with consumers.

So, what does the average user do on Facebook each day? Here’s a glimpse into Facebook habits courtesy of creative agency JESS3.”

What Does a ‘Like’ Get You These Days via Marketing Pilgrim

“We often talk about how much a “like” is worth in terms of marketing. But what is a “like” worth to the consumer?

Take a look at this chart from eMarketer. The results clearly show that consumers expect to get something in return for their click. But when the CMO Council asked marketers what they thought, they said that consumers clicked out of loyalty or love for their product.

It is true that clicking the like button does imply a certain fondness for a brand, but love will only get you so far. Once the bloom is off the rose, consumers want to be rewarded for their loyalty.”

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog:

Impact of Influence study touts surprising findings

When it comes to media outlets and platforms, there are an abundance of options to get one’s word out, but where should you start – and more importantly – which medium does your market trust the most?

According to the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms, traditional media sources still reign king, with newspapers leading the pack.

Managing Negative Comments in Social Media

This blog post originally appeared on Waxing UnLyrical.

If you work as a social media manager or online community manager you see these all the time … negative comments. When you see them you try at first to plan how to respond, but sometimes have a strong urge to react.

The best tip I can give: don’t take them personally. You’ll run out of energy if you do this.

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