Top 5 Challenges of Social Data Integration, Part 1

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We’ve talked previously about the benefits of integrating social data with your systems of record to connect social data to your CRM and to marry traditional metrics like Web traffic and sales data to social discussions and activities.  Transforming your company into a Social Enterprise to be as social as your customers are can reap huge rewards. But this change can come with some real challenges without the right tools and partners to help.

Let’s take a look at five of the most notable challenges to integrating social media data into your business and how Visible® can help.

1. Social Data Volumes Can Overwhelm Enterprise Systems

Social media data isn’t static or simple.  It is a dynamic source of content published in real-time streams of data, across millions of blogs, forums, social networks, microblogs and has even blended itself with mainstream sites, like, who add social elements to every piece of content possible.  It seems everywhere you look online, on your mobile device, you can comment on, Like, Tweet, Share or do something social with what you’re reading.   The process of identifying, collecting and handling the volumes of data associated with this deluge is astronomical.

If we ignore the hurdle of identifying the hundreds of millions of social sites with relevant social data and how to collect all of that content from those sites, enterprises faces two issues here. The first is how to handle the technical requirements of processing enormous volumes of social data.  Consider Twitter and their Firehose of tweet data for example.  Twitter averages 200 million tweets per day coming in a constant stream.  That is a ton of data and most of this data is not pertinent to your business.  But how do you sort through it to pick out the tweets that apply to you?  And that is just the volume for one social media site.

The second issue is that most enterprise applications are built to process data in less frequent batches, such as end of day reports.  This creates an obvious mismatch in capabilities when organizations need to listen, learn and engage in real time with consumers.  The potential hit to network performance for the entire organization could be debilitating or extremely cost prohibitive.  This is why socially-minded enterprises turn to social media monitoring, analytics and engagement platforms like Visible Intelligence®.  Visible was built from the ground up to scale to and harness these huge volumes of data from across the entire social Internet to seamlessly deliver the relevant pieces of social data to companies on-demand, in real time, integrating and enhancing their existing systems rather than competing for resources with them.

Coming Up Next…

Stay tuned for my next post where we look at the next two challenges of social data integration.  Have you tried integrating social data on your own without a social media vendor’s assistance?  How did it impact your business?

~Jackie Kmetz

Social Intelligence Crusader

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