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Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Causing You Social Media Fatigue?

“Fatigue may be caused by overwork, lack of sleep, boredom or lack of exercise.”

While this description by Mayo Clinic describes physical fatigue, social media fatigue could just as well come from some of these causes.  Face it: if you’re overworked, sleepless, bored with your content marketing strategy and haven’t left your chair for more than a journey to the fridge, you are an ideal candidate for social media fatigue.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take a look at these content symptoms to see if you’re on the social media fatigue path and how you can avoid it:

  • You’re Relying Solely On Your Own Content Ideas

Nothing will kill a blog faster than a lack of compelling relevant topics.  There are too many blogs (156 million public blogs as of 2011) in cyberspace vying for your audience’s attention.  So, how do you find new things to talk about?

Use content curation to integrate new ideas, information and news into your content creation process.  There are a number of sites where you can find information related to your industry and interests.  Here are just a few:

  • Scoopit! – Great for finding and sharing content.  Not only can you create a page on the site that displays all the content you’ve curated – you can follow others’ pages and get advice from some of the best curators around.
  • Stumbleupon – Plug in the topics that interest you and click the Stumble! button.  You’ll find a plethora of random sites and content sources to tickle your content creation fancy.
  • Aggregage – This site collects content on different topics and creates communities of followers interested in that specific information.  Great for business writing.

Don’t just rely upon the net.  What books are you reading?  What organizations do you belong too?  What are the things your friends are discussing?  Keep your ear to the ground for new ideas.

  • You’re Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again

Have you got into the pattern of similar Facebook posts or predictable tweets?  No doubt your analytics are probably showing you a red flag of decreasing visits via these channels.

However, it isn’t easy to break patterns of comfort.  We all have them.  We use a certain style of sentence structure, or we gravitate toward lists or how-to content without thinking about presenting our social media content in a different way.

The answer to crawling out of the same ol’ same ol’ trap — adjust your content marketing strategy to inspire a different approach.  Re-evaluate your editorial calendar, insert multi-media content ideas and commit to linking more to the social media mavens that get you motivated.

  • You’re Not Getting Enough Exercise

Just as when you’re trying to recharge your physical engine through exercise, you can re-energize your social media content creation through physical activity, too.

You might think it sounds crazy to suggest joining a yoga class to cure your content fatigue but experts throughout time have pointed to yoga’s restorative effects.  You should also switch up (or at least start!) your exercise program to give your brain both a creative break and a boost of inspiration-generating oxygen.

Once you’ve got your newly exercised blood flowing, boost your online exercise behavior by finding new blogs to read, researching topics that aren’t (but could be) related to your own content subjects, or joining different communities to hone your discussion skills.

Social media fatigue is a content marketing strategy obstacle for nearly every Internet writer out there – think of how many ideas it takes to fuel 156 million blogs!  But you can side-step the pitfalls when you change up your regular habits.

And if all else fails, make yourself a cup of green tea for an antioxidant boost and read our blog post, Four (Non-Pinterest) Social Media Marketing Stories Worth Checking Out.


Image by longhorndave (Creative Commons)

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