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Facebook and Instagram: Let’s Not Panic Just Yet

So Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars. Boo freakin’ hoo.  While the owners of Instagram are ecstatic, the users not so much. Reactions vary. Some have mixed feelings, others are hating on Facebook, and then there are what I like to call the “insta-extremists.” This last group wants to delete their Instagram account and export their photos but probably won’t.  Meanwhile, we took the opportunity to track the reactions on Twitter, overall it looks like people are positive about the purchase.

As far as we know, the product will remain the same fun loving photo app that turns us all into professional photographers overnight. It’s too early to speculate. I’m just in awe and wishing I had created something cool but alas I’m taking this opportunity to sell my prints via Instacanv.as. Hey why not? If Instagram is worth $1 billion, I should be worth something too right? Why complain? Make use of this golden opportunity.

Founded in 201o, Instagram is an app based out of San Francisco that allows iPhone (and now Android) users to snap photos, add fun visual effects, and share within the Instagram network or online via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, or email. The app has more than 31 million members, 7.3 million regular users, and at the launch of their Android app noticed an impressive launch of 1 million downloads in just 12 hours. Are you surprised that Facebook bought Instagram? You shouldn’t be. However, considering Twitter just bought Posterous, I don’t know why they didn’t buy Instagram as well. Their loss? Who knows?

As far as the Facebook and Instagram merger, I wouldn’t worry just yet. It’s really too early to tell what will happen. If Zuckerberg is smart, he’ll leave it as is and just make a few minor adjustments like finally creating a web interface. I’d love to see all my cool works of art on an official Instagram web page vs having to send them to other social networking sites. Users have been asking for this feature for quite some time. How about we finally make that happen? And no, having them sent to Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, or Facebook just isn’t enough.

What do you think of the Instagram and Facebook acquisition? Are you concerned about your photos? Are you an active user today?

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