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PR News Roundup 4/6/12: 5 PR Blog posts You May Have Missed

It’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web this past week! Here’s the top five in no particular order…

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Use Facebook for Product Testing via Social Media Today

Social media marketing.

Is that the only business use for social media?

Just browsing Facebook, you can see that many businesses are using the platform in unique ways to stand out.

Since social media is about building a community, why not put that community to good use?

Facebook is a perfect place to create a virtual product testing group.

Users ‘like’ a page because they are genuinely interested in a brand and want to learn, contribute, and share. Use these invested followers to help you make a better product or service, they are the ones buying it.

6 Tips for Selling a Skeptic on Your Brand and Driving Customers Your Way, not Away  via The PR News Blog

Depending on your passions and personality, buying a car is either like death and taxes or it’s like vacations and massages. It’s either unavoidable or a much-anticipated joy.  I tend to fall into the former category where I dread the activity of buying a car, not because the car itself is a problem but the experience of buying one is painful.  Over the past few weeks, it’s been an anthropological journey assessing the many salesmen who’ve pitched me the benefits of their brand and failed miserably. So, in the spirit of helpfulness yet recognizing that Mike, Spencer and John (three salesmen from Acura, Jeep and Toyota) will not be reading this PR News Blog, I put forth some ideas for selling me a car the next time I drop by, and I wager that as a communications pro you’ll detect the relevance with your own brand marketing and evangelism efforts.

Generation Y: Brands Must Be Honest, Engaging  via PR Newser

Anyone struggling to understand Generation Y, a.k.a. the millennials, and their relationship to brands has a lot of work ahead of him.

This generation is not defined by technology; it is very open, but distrustful; and it is at the center of a cultural shift. That info is among the findings in a new report by Onesixtyfourth, a New York-based brand consultancy. The sociological findings help explain the worldview of many millennials, defined as young people born between 1980 and 1995.

Social Media Lessons From Mad Men via Social Media Explorer

In the sixties, when Mad Men ruled, creative content took a long time to produce.  Agencies concepted, polished and pitched. Clients reviewed.  Agencies filmed, edited and delivered.  It took months for print and television ads to see the light of day.

In the age of real time marketing, whether you engage an agency or not, day-to-day you are the agency.  The people you talk to online are the clients.

Every post is a pitch. Every post is a chance to win the hearts of your clients.

Yet, when your Facebook or blog post gets published, it’s just the beginning.  In real time there is only the community manager  to concept and polish your post before it is public.

Social Media Marketing: Three Mistakes to Avoid in 2012 via Social Media Today

Social media marketing advice isn’t difficult to find, since this type of marketing is so important for today’s businesses. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many “gurus” who will warn you against what you shouldn’t do. Luckily for you, by the time you’re done with this article, you will know the three biggest mistakes you should avoid in your social media marketing efforts.

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog:

Three highlights from PRSA Digital Impact

I think it was evident at this week’s Public Relations Society of America Digital Impact conference that the PR industry has turned a corner from “playing at” developing social Web presences to focusing on advanced tactics. Having mastered the basics, we’re moving on to discuss techniques for optimizing our efforts and  honing our message for conversation rather than broadcast. That’s great to see. Here are three things I learned about at Digital Impact.

Happy Anniversary Cision!

It’s hard to believe but it’s been five years since we changed our name from a breakfast food/star from Footloose (Bacon’s) to Cision.

Having been here back then I can tell you that Marketing was working round the clock to make sure every piece of paper, web property and sign had our new name while IT was furiously changing every application (and we had many back then) to the new Cision logo.  It was a crazy time but we were excited to pull our many brands  – Bacon’s, MediaMap, multivision, Delahaye, Bowdens, Romeike – into the single brand of Cision.  And even more exciting was the launch of CisionPoint a short time later.

Three Innovative Ways Users Are Customizing the Seek Or Shout Experience

In the two months that Seek Or Shout has been building a community in public beta, I’ve seen my share of collaboration and communication success stories—brands sending fashion and beauty products to bloggers for review, students getting advice for careers in public relations and marketing, freelancers finding paid writing opportunities in the travel, lifestyle and technology sectors—and meaningful connections mentioned via site messages, e-mails and tweets to the @SeekOrShouthandle.


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