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Protect pets in May





When: May 6-12

What: The majority of American households, 62 percent, own a pet. While animals bring joy to the families they live with, it’s up to responsible owners to safeguard their pet’s happiness and health. With the right information, it isn’t hard to give pets wonderful lives. This May, empower pet owners with a better understanding of their animals during National Pet Week, celebrated from May 6 to 12.

Background: First launched in 1981, National Pet Week is held by the American Veterinary Medical Association each May. The week promotes responsible pet care, with special attention to animal health. Animal clinics and other pet care providers celebrate the week with fundraisers and special events, like adoption drives, vaccination clinics and training sessions.

Story Pitch: Many companies and organizations related to pet care can pitch around this event. The week is an excellent opportunity for veterinary clinics, which can focus on proper pet care concerning vaccines, nutrition, weight control, and training, as well as upcoming seasonal worries such as skin allergies, fleas, and ticks. Vets also may talk to clients about how to look out for problems with their pet’s health, including health signs like diminished appetite, problems walking or excessive lethargy. Pet food manufacturers are able to use the week to promote their food and discuss nutritional formulas. Stores that sell pet products have the chance to share goods that can keep pets both happy and healthy. Additionally, they should focus on products for training that can address behavior or social problems in pets, which negatively affects animal well-being and leaves many owners frustrated. Animal shelters and rescue organizations will also want to use the week to prevent animal homelessness and encourage adoption.

Story Hook: As the weather turns warmer, many dog owners are happy to take their dogs out for walks and play. However, warmer weather leaves dogs susceptible to many health problems. All dogs can have trouble staying cool, and owners need to look out for signs of dehydration, heat stroke and even sunburn in their pets. This summer also brings a greater worry for ticks, whose numbers are expected to increase after a mild winter. As a carrier of Lyme disease, ticks pose a serious danger to both humans and pets. What products work to prevent or kill ticks? What are the symptoms of Lyme disease, and what are treatment options for pets and humans alike? What types of ticks carry the disease? Also consider the following as you make your pitch:

  • Pet insurance is becoming a popular option for owners looking to save on pet bills, but how should they choose the right plan?
  • What are good resources for owners of less common pets? How can they find a veterinarian specializing in their type of animal?
  • Many pet owners use services like boarding, grooming and even pet daycare. What should someone looking into these services be aware of? Are there health issues to watch out for?
  • How can a pet owner know if their pet is happy? What are signs that an animal is lonely, stressed or under-stimulated?

Tips: A local veterinarian is a great contact to speak on pet care issues. A trainer or an animal behaviorist can talk about behavioral issues and advise owners on how to keep their pets happy.


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(212) 876-7700

Animal Rescue Association of the Americas
(503) 299-4761

Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians

Pet Week – American Veterinary Medical Association
(800) 248-2862

–Researched, compiled & written by Kristina Elliott
Event Dates  from CHASE’S Calendar of Events

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