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GUEST POST: Tips to resonate virality within your network: Social Media

Making the information you share on the web turn viral involves the appropriate use of social media. After all, it is the social networking platforms that drive the traffic over the web in this age. For this to happen, you need to be clued into how the different social networking platforms work. It is also important to have an inkling of the kind of content that is going to get popularity in a manner such that it has a cascading effect. Eventually, this gets you thousands of hits and ample coverage over all forms of social media. If people knew how exactly to go viral, there would be thousands of such campaigns on a daily basis. The truth is that you can only do things at your end and hope for them to work. Here’s how.

1. Create opportunities to hog the limelight

One can never be absolutely sure of exactly what will strike a chord with the audience to make it go viral, but it is important to allow for possibilities to emerge for the same. Make use of social networking apps, games or just plain humor. Increase the popularity quotient by working towards it.

2. Stick to the basics

In your attempt to popularize the content over social media, do not forget that search engine results are still your best bet. Ensure that your content is optimized for search engine result pages. This would ensure a steady stream of visitors over the long term even when the hype around a factor that gets instant fame gradually dies down.

3. Understand the pulse of your audience

For this to happen, you need to interact with people regularly. Although it does happen at times, you cannot always hope to emerge out of the oblivion to top the popularity charts. It is always better to establish your presence and create opportunities to go viral with attention grabbing content.

4. Explore different avenues

The virtual world offers different platforms for you to convey your message and to make an effort towards getting the maximum number of visits in the shortest span of time. Each networking platform boasts of millions of users. Popularity on one platform is likely to spill over to others as well. Be prepared to cash in on the opportunity. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your blog can create a combined effect to make your content go viral over the web.

5. Be quick to spot an opportunity

For a marketer it is important to be where the audience is. Only then would you get the opportunity to make your product popular among a large number of people. Keep an eye on emerging platforms. It is not uncommon to see a social networking platform suddenly gain prominence. Twitter and Pinterest are two instances of the same. Customize your message as per the needs of different platforms. Use humor, a bit of shock value or an intriguing aspect of a product to gain attention.

Before social media came into the picture it was virtually impossible for anyone to gain instant fame. Popular coverage in media was reserved only for celebrities. Social media can make a celebrity out of a person next door. All that is needed is effort from your side. Make the most of the opportunities that the virtual world has to offer.


About The Author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves reading, writing and travelling. Recently she read an article on best mobile phone on the net. These days she is busy writing an article on iPhone dock for her blog.

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