7 Tips for Shooting Quality Video On the Go

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Smartphones and tablets have made it easy for users to stream videos of all kinds. Studios have released mobile trailers to promote their films and brands have used video to show people how to use their products. This year 94% of smartphone users will be mobile Internet users and mobile video viewers will reach 54.6 million according to HubSpot Blog.

You don’t need microphones or big cameras to record a solid video. Melissa Pierce, advocate for .tv says “Most filmmakers will agree, the best camera to shoot with is the one you have on you. For most of us, it’s our mobile device.” It may be intimidating to use your mobile device to record a video, so here are eight other tips I learned when researching how to make great videos on the go!!

Be still – It sounds easy right? But if you’re like me, you have shaky hands. To avoid a shaky video, get a tripod or prop your phone up against something to stabilize the picture. Try to avoid jerky movements and if you need to pan, do so slowly to avoid jerks and shakes in the video.

Check your battery – Make sure you have a full-charged battery. A low battery can affect the quality of your video.

Get close – Instead of zooming in on your subject, get closer. It’s best not to zoom. Using the digital zoom decreases quality of picture.

Good video is as much about good audio – Get as close to your subject as possible to get good audio. The closer the noise is, the louder it’s going to sound during playback. If you are 10 to 20 feet away, you may need to narrate what is happening. Narrating also adds context for people to better understand what they are watching.

Set the scene – Before you start shooting, think about the message you want to convey. Avoid putting your subject in the center of your screen. Instead, pan a little to the left or right, then tilt down so there’s not a lot of empty space above the subject. Having the subject off-center makes a more interesting image.

Get the lighting just right – Whether inside or out, lighting is important. Try to position yourself so the light is coming from behind you. This way the light is fully striking the subject and it fills them from all sides.  If the sun is behind the subject, it’s going to make your subject dark.  If you’re inside, either adjust your phone’s camera settings or turn all the lights up so the camera will see things as clearly as possible.

Always shoot video in landscape – Landscape videos make the best use of the display area on your TV, computer display and upload sites such as YouTube. If you shoot in portrait mode your video will upload as a very tiny screen instead of the widescreen that most upload sites can handle.

Need more instructions on how to record video on your mobile? Or maybe just how to create a great video? Check out the series on .tv.

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