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Food and Social Media: The Perfect Recipe

In the ever evolving world of social media, trends come and go however one remains consistent and that is taking (and sharing) photos of what we eat.

This trend is sustained by the millennials aged between 18-32 and making up 49% of the food sharing crowd seeking out recipes online (via Pinterest), texting and tweeting while they eat, and multitasking at the table all while enjoying the meal at hand (supposedly). I know because I’m one of them with my own food blog, fan page, twitter account, Google+ page, you name it. Do you see it now? It’s an obsession but a delicious one. Food (and artful representations of food) otherwise dubbed “food porn” get people talking, asking about the recipes, or the place it was eaten. It’s free advertising for the home chef or restaurant so why not take advantage of it and inspire amateur photographers to take photos of your food. There’s even an Instagram community dedicated to food.

As this trend continues to evolve, app makers have gotten smart and started to create apps specifically for food. The average amateur food photographer probably knows what I’m talking about here. First on the scene was Foodspotting, followed by Forkly, Chewsy, Trumpet, Fondu, Oink, Urbantag, and now the popular note sharing app, Evernote, has jumped on board with their own version with Evernote Food.

So what makes this trend so popular and why won’t it fade? Simple. Remember sitting down at a dinner table as a kid or enjoying a meal out with friends? You were always sharing the experience via word of mouth with friends or right there at the table. It’s only natural that this would continue online. Social media just made the process easier but putting it at your fingertips and providing you with more tools to share that love for food online. “Consumers used to rely on mom and family traditions for meal planning, but now search online for what to cook, without ever tasting or smelling,” said Laurie Demeritt, president and COO at The Hartman Group. “Digital food selection is less of a sensory experience and more of a visual and rational process: What’s on the label? What’s in the recipe? Show me the picture!”

Do you share photos of your food online? What do you think of this trend? Tell us in the comments below.

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