Small Business OpenHere’s to you, small business! We’re happy to celebrate National Small Business Week and want to hear stories about the businesses that help America thrive. Let’s start with the basics. Think of it as a quick interview: answer a few questions, and we may just feature you on our blog!

What is your small business and how did you come up with the idea?

What have you accomplished so far? What do you hope to accomplish this year?

What is your differentiation factor from “the big guys”?

Are there any businesses that you’d like to partner with?

What is one struggle you’ve been having that you’d appreciate some help with?

For some inspiration, check out the presidential proclamation for National Small Business Week, 2012. The cliff notes version:

  • When small businesses take off, they fuel an engine of economic growth and job creation that moves America forward.
  • During National Small Business Week, we celebrate the generations of entrepreneurs who have given their all to realize a dream, and we renew our promise to help their businesses grow, hire, and succeed.
  • Because small businesses are the backbone of our economy, we must ensure our country recovers and rebuilds not only from the top down, but also from the bottom up and the middle out. That is how we will forge an America built to last.

Happy National Small Business Week! We look forward to bringing you some of the highlights from the week long conference here in DC and across the web.

(Photo Credit – Flickr Creative Commons: comedy_nose)'

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As Head of Content, Annemaria has a strong track record of creating high quality multimedia content, blog posts, tip sheets, videos, instructional content, case studies and more to create great customer experiences. She revolutionized Cision’s outbound promotion efforts to amplify its inbound lead generation results by creating a multichannel program that promotes content via additional, complementary and unique content to drive discoverability, search rank, audience awareness, credibility, and ultimately more leads and revenue for the business.