Guest Post: Pop Goes the Social Media

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In my professional opinion, there is beauty in the simplicity of pop music. Now let me clarify – good pop music, not last year’s sensation, Rebecca Black.

Pop music to the ear might seem simple, however it’s simple measures are extraordinarily difficult to master. The same goes for social media, treat it like it’s easy to learn and should not be approached with a serious attitude, and you will get Rebecca Black type quality. Sure, you could go viral (Rebecca did) but who really wants to go viral as “the worst artist in music history?” In fact, what is the value in “going viral” if you aren’t even reaching your target audience?

Social media offers tremendous value in the ability to connect like never before with the people buying your product, however at the same time, you must create compelling enough content to connect with them. If you go viral and miss the connection with your digital community, well then you, my friend, have pulled a Rebecca Black.

Often people ask me about a social media site of the month, such as Pinterest, and seem to care about it like it’s the cure all for their marketing problems. The trouble is, this won’t solve any marketing woes. Social media works best when it’s used in the long term, nurturing strong customer relationships that aren’t short lived. Rebecca Black aimed short term, she is now a one hit wonder.

From the outside, social media marketing might look simple, however, it is anything but. Yes, it is easy to post an update to Facebook or a tweet or even shoot and upload a video to YouTube. But understanding every platform, as well as their own independent strategies to mold an overall digital strategy is much deeper than just posting a tweet. Community managers wear many hats – and they must be swapped at any instant.

These many hats make a person, or a team at some companies, highly prepared and engaged for properly managing their online community. This is what makes community managers very efficient and organized. They understand digital media and when they don’t – you can bet they are in the process of familiarizing themselves. When a business employ these people, they are making the connections to customers and creating relationship longevity, which is far greater than virality in my opinion. Most of all, this also keeps businesses away from looking like the sunken ship that is, Rebecca Black aka the worst artist in music history.

So in the end, I suppose what I am saying is that social media is not easy, nor should it be treated in such a manner. It is a professional tool and the people who are exposing themselves to early on, are not necessarily experts, but smart enough to see the value in getting past the learning curve. Rebecca Black has a few more years before she’ll get over the learning curve.

How about you? Are you finding the difficulty in staying organized with a digital media presence?

The blogger, Danny Schotthoefer, daylights as a community manager/digital strategist at a  Bozeman, Montana based advertising agency that caters to small and medium businesses(SMBs). You can connect with Danny by visiting his twitter: @dschotthoefer or LinkedIn.

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