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Q & A with Mom Blogger Jessica Gottlieb

This is a guest post by Gina Goodman, social media coordinator at Cision Navigator.

After grabbing the number one spot on CisionNavigator’s Top 10 U.S. Mom Bloggers on Twitter  list, we thought we’d catch up with Jessica Gottlieb to find out what she looks for in pitching, what she’d like PR professionals to stop doing and how she utilizes social media. As a mom blogger at her self-titled site, Gottlieb covers parenting and motherhood, the Los Angeles area, fashion, technology, and lifestyle.

1.       What are some specific pitches you like to see in your inbox?

I love seeing LA events in my inbox. I seldom cover them on my blog but I share them often on Twitter and Facebook. My inbox is pretty much overflowing right about now so I’m scared to ask for more of anything.

2.       Speaking of your inbox, is email still the best way to reach you? How do you feel about phone calls?

Email is a great way to reach me but a Twitter DM is actually the best. It’s short, concise and I don’t have as many of them as I have emails so I’m less likely to delete them. I will never respond to a phone call for earned media but I do confess to loving them for paid promotions.

3.       How do you typically come up with ideas for blog posts?

Basically I just look at my life and come up with ideas. My problem is culling the list and not oversharing. I have a husband, a son, a daughter, a dog and a cat. I’ve got wacky neighbors and an even wackier family. I’m seldom out of things to write about.

4.       What kinds of pitches and products typically draw your attention?

I’m typically drawn to new iterations of things I already love. My family has this little cube of cards called Table Topics. They’re in a Lucite box and they have  really great questions on them. Every night at dinner we draw a card and everyone has to go around the table and answer the question. The kids love it, and we love it except we’d been through the box twice already and we needed a new set of questions. Last week a new box of Table Topics showed up, it’s got questions and tips to happiness (sounds corny but they’re great conversation starters). We’re all hoping that in 135 days (there are only 135 questions) they’ll have a new box out.

5.       What is your biggest pet peeve regarding PR pros and pitches?

The follow up email. Trust me, I got your email. I also got emails from about 300 of your friends that day. It just wasn’t a match.

6.       What do you like most about being contacted by PR pros?

I like to see what’s new even if I don’t have time or energy to cover it. Sometimes when I’m reading press releases (and I read a lot of them) I feel like I’m being delivered the (soft) news ahead of time.

7.       What is some advice you have for other moms who want to start blogging?

I’d remind them to only tell their own stories. I think that Mom Bloggers in particular can get sidetracked in two different and equally perilous ways. They can get derailed by telling the publicist’s stories and no one really wants to read that, not even the brands. Also sharing too much of your family’s story is really unfair to them. Allow your children some bit of privacy and by all means don’t talk about your husband the buffoon. Talk about your husband the hero. It’s uncomfortable reading and it’s not fair to your family.

To read about another mom curating online content, visit CisionNavigator’s article on newly launched A-List Mom Travel.

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