5 content marketing ideas for your next PRWeb release

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Ideas – that’s one of the top questions I hear when out and about or chatting with customers. Coming up with ideas for your next PRWeb release can be a daunting challenge for the small business marketer with so many daily tasks competing for your attention.

One way to tackle the challenge it to take a look at the releases others have published.  Often just perusing the News Center on PRWeb can spark an idea.   Here’s a look at a few that jumped out for me.

1. Take a stand on an issue. Have you heard of bio-fuels?  In short it’s the practice of growing crops that will be turned into fuel; think:  corn for ethanol. The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) published a release urging caution. The concern is that “many of these crops also are known as invasive weeds in some of the regions where they are planted,” according to the release.

Takeaway: The WSSA puts forth a qualified researcher in their release and cites research from another well-known institution to add credibility.  Whether you are for or against biofuel, the WSSA is taking a stand on an issue in order to ensure their voice is heard.

2. Tap into holidays. Father’s Day was last month and surely there were plenty of searches in Google that day, so it might be an opportunity to tap some of those searches. MyCleaningProducts.com may have been aiming to do just that by issuing this release offering discounts on products on Father’s Day.

Takeaway: Take a look at the upcoming calendar and think about forthcoming holidays – it’s not too late for promotions around July 4th.   If you publish a release prior to a holiday, you stand a better chance of reaching customers still shopping for gifts or things to do before the holiday.  If you publish a release the day of the holiday, you might stand a better chance of tapping search trends.

3. Tie into news trends. Facebook’s Timeline, like many of the company’s changes, has created a stir.  Some love the changes, some do not.  In either case, it’s big news and produced about 100,000 news results in Google News search. Digital Marketer took the savvy step of issuing a PRWeb release pitching a training course that “highlights the distinctions between the old style of Facebook and the new Timeline.”

Takeaway: Review current news trends, what’s breaking and what’s changing and seek out creative ways to position your product or service in these trends.  Doing so might land an interview, but more certainly, will help drive traffic to your offer.

4. Use content to promote…content. Yes!  Content can promote content.  Take for example The Mezzanine Group, a PR firm, which published a white paper on how PR can drive growth for B2B companies and published a release to help drive traffic.  The white paper is behind a registration wall, so the firm can capture leads. That’s probably not a coincidence since the white paper discusses using PR to generate leads.  This tactic can be replicated by nearly anyone – a home remodeler could offer tips for choosing vendors, a real estate agent might provide an analysis of the local market and an auto dealership might share secrets to negotiating a great deal.

Takeaway: You have to do more than just invest the time in developing great content – you have to tell people you wrote it and how to find it. Click here for another take on content marketing for nurturing B2B relationships – and hopefully additional content ideas.

5. Show and tell for show and sell. As any outdoor enthusiast can validate, outdoor gear is expensive.  Gear Aid provides the means to “fix, waterproof and repair” outdoor gear.  The company recently launched a YouTube channel – Gear Aid TV – that provides a bunch of short videos (under a minute) on how to repair gear – and they did it with a PRWeb release. What’s interesting is that the company is demonstrating the value of their product without a hard sell.  Video marketing is on up-and-up and PRWeb’s own research has shown it can increase time on page by nearly 30 seconds in addition to providing search engines with another content signal pointing to your website.

Takeaway: Gear Aid is demonstrating a good mix of tactics, by integrating video into the mix in a way that demonstrated value that will drive sales, without being overly sale-sy.

What are some ideas for content you’ve had?

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