Guest Post: Creating a Brand Persona

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“Whoever invented National Doughnut Day deserves a trophy. Whoever invented the doughnut deserves a gigantic statue made in their honor.”

“Some things aren’t meant to be joked about. Memorial Day is one of those things. Tomorrow we’ll resume our hotdog/shark/rocket based joking.”

“How do you picture yourself in 10 years? 10 years younger? A billionaire jet fighter pilot? A trillionaire astronaut?”

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, whoever said all this is nuts?  But would you believe me if I told you the person that said these things has over 200,000 followers on Twitter?  Ok maybe, they are pretty entertaining.

But would you believe that this person isn’t a person at all.  It’s just a persona created by Old Spice.  A very clever, original marketing campaign to go along with their already very offbeat advertisements you see on television.

Creating a persona for your brand is great way to give life to your social media campaign.  So often brands make the mistake of using their social media outlets as a bulletin board for promotions, press releases and company business that people tend to just scroll right passed.

A brand persona gives a product, business or company a voice that people can connect with easier.  But when creating a brand persona there are are some key things to keep in mind:

  • The persona should have the same values as the brand
  • Personas speak on the brand’s behalf.  Stay away from touchy subjects like religion and politics
  • Personas can be anything you want, but once you have one established a persona…STICK WITH IT!
  • And in my personal opinion, funny is always better

There are also different kinds of personas.  I’ve broken them down into three broad categories; the Informative Persona, Passionate Persona and the Straight Shooting Persona.

The Informative Persona

The Informative Persona is not looking to necessarily sell a specific product or a service, but rather introduces the audience to related information that will benefit them.  Most of these are “How-To’s” and lists which relate back to the persona’s product assortment. Another way companies can do this is by posting checklists, like what are the essentials needed for a camping trip.

Let’s just say you sell tents and camping supplies, you may post a how-to video on Facebook of how to pitch a tent and start a successful fire.  Then post a list of the essential pieces of equipment needed for a camping trip.

Posting videos and checklists are all about engaging potential and current customers through social media. Even make posts that gets your followers involved like “what do you believe is needed to go camping?” This promotes discussion, tweets and comments.

The Passionate Persona

The Passionate Persona is exactly what it sounds like, someone that is passionate about their products and industry, preferably an expert. The information presented should ‘wow’ your audience because if they are even slightly unimpressed they may leave and go on to the next. The whole point of this is to meet the customers’ needs with your service or product.

With the summer near, people are looking for information and tips on new healthy diets to get that beach body everyone wants. If you are in the fitness, nutrition, or medical industry you can leverage this and have a real doctor or nutritionist offer stone cold facts and results on how your product surpasses the rest.

Again posting interesting reads and videos through your social media outlets has great results.  Convince experts to guest write on your blog.  Answer questions through Facebook and Twitter, or try a live Q&A session on Google Hangouts!

Straight Shooting Persona

Straight Shooting Persona is just that, straight forward, they give the facts about the product and service and that’s all. Showing the facts and not making long descriptions, everything is to the point.

Let’s say Bob is in the market to buy a new car stereo and he really wants to be able to play his iPod through the stereo, he’s not into all the details. Posts that call out certain features and why they are better than the competitor would resonate with Bob. He will most likely be looking at the cheapest option unless you show him how one is better, like if your product offers hands free blue tooth for his phone too.

Posting and updating your social media should be short and to the point.  Post photos and videos with short descriptions, features and price.  Users can quickly decide if this is the product for them.

It is easy to see how using each of these personas can give you the upper hand when it comes to content that meet the needs. Don’t forget to place links!

Matt Powers is an Internet Marketer at Blue Soda Promo, an online promotional products company.  BSP imprints logos on items like custom promotional drawstring bags, sunglasses, tote bags, stress balls, and polo shirts at ridiculously low prices.  We make your brand POP!

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