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Meet Dawn Conway: Cision’s New SVP of Global Content Licensing

Dawn Conway is the latest addition to Cision’s Management team. Dawn joins us from LexisNexis where she was the Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility. Prior to leading corporate responsibility, she was Vice President, Global Licensing for LexisNexis.   She is an attorney, current member of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals,  American Bar Association and the National Association of Women Lawyers. She was previously a board member of the Content Division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), which provides a forum for companies that publish and distribute online content or facilitate the licensing, presentation, and distribution of digital information products.

Dawn Conway

We sat down with Dawn to learn a little bit more about her new role at Cision and what she likes to do in her limited free time. Welcome to the Cision Family, Dawn!

Q. What type of work will you be doing as the SVP of Global Content Licensing at Cision?

A. I am responsible for acquiring and retaining all licensed content in support of Cision’s global businesses, including its news monitoring and media database services.

This will entail establishing new partnerships and revenue models with publishers of all types of content everywhere, to not only support Cision but move the media monitoring industry into a new mode that protects the rights of publishers across all media channels while enabling the kind of distribution and sharing that our customers require to do their jobs.

Q. Why is this important to Cision and the media industry as a whole?

A. There is a general lack of understanding relating to copyright, technology has made it incredibly easy to access, distribute and use content.  Instant, casual real-time distribution and sharing of information is part of our everyday life.  As a result the challenge for copyright protection has become more complex for our industry and our customers. Not addressing this issue is no longer acceptable.

Q. What steps is Cision taking to ensure compliance going forward?

A. We already actively seek direct licenses and or licenses with organizations representing multiple publishers like the NLA in the UK.  We will continue to focus on establishing new partnerships with publishers across all media types.  I was brought on board to help lead these efforts.

Q. I understand you do a lot of work in the fight against human trafficking.  Can you tell our readers about some of the things you’ve been involved with?

A.You may be shocked to hear that there are an estimated 21 million slaves in the world today, more than any other time in our history.  It exists here in the US and right here in Chicago.  Two years ago I together with a dozen multi-national companies all household names like Manpower, Coca Cola, Ford, ExxonMobil, Carlson, Delta, the Body Shop formed the Business Coalition Against Human Trafficking (BCAT).  Business has a unique role in this fight.  Leveraging our resources and reach in support of this movement will help move the needle to eradicating slavery and trafficking.

I am also a member of the American Bar Association Anti Human Trafficking Task Force and frequently speak on this subject..

Q. Wow, you are a busy woman. What do you like to do in your (limited) spare time?

A. I am a big supporter of the arts and strongly believe the arts are vital to the health of a community .  I am currently on the board of the Dayton Art Institute and past member of the Culture Works board in Dayton.

Q. Anything else you would like to add? 

A. Copyright is incredibly complex and the rules continue to evolve.   It is going to take collaboration, communication and establishing new ways of partnering  with our customers and rights holders to ensure compliance.  I am committed to driving this forward.


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Laurie Mahoney is the Director of Product Marketing at Cision. She is a regular contributor to Cision Blog mainly focusing on topics like content marketing, social media and SEO. Laurie is a Chicagoan now, but spent her earlier days in the South where she attended the University of Georgia. She has a weakness for good TV, sushi and anything that mentions “salted caramel” in the name. You can find her on Twitter @channermahoney.

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