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Fast Food Or Filet Mignon – What Is Your Press Release Diet?

Press Release DietWhen it comes to creating the ideal press release marketers often operate on a diet of two extremes.  They’ll either produce fluffy, nutritionally lacking content that delivers only a little value to the reader or they’ll cook up a heavy meal of content overly packed with flavorful details.

And while both diet choices are common, neither one delivers the value that a well-balanced press release offers.  Here’s why:


  • Your Press Release Is Tasty But Lacking – It’s true that press release weary readers do crave content that is short and sweet but sometimes marketers and PR pros are so worried about being clever they skimp on the real value of the content – information.

A charming simple press release is okay every once in a while – just like a burger and fries – but cook up content that looks good but doesn’t perform and your audience will lose their appetite for your message.

  • Your Press Release Is Too Rich – Nearly everybody loves a good steak now and then but get too much of those rich filet mignons and you’ll find yourself craving a break from such meals.

The same can be said for heavy, content laden press releases.  It is essential to provide the relevant details but too much of a good thing when it comes to a data packed press release is too filling.

The antidote for nutritionally under-and-over loaded releases is a steady diet of press release fare that grabs readers’ attention and provides a tasty punch of compelling content but doesn’t provide more flavor stuffed details than are needed.

However, in the occasional case of having to get word out quickly and simply, or needing to delve into topics more deeply, those press releases can still be part of the food plan.

Just remember that with press releases as in eating, the philosophy of “all things in moderation” is the surest way to maintain dietary success.

For more ways to create high performing content, check our learning center article, Powering Your SEO With PR, How To Use SEO Press Releases.

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