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DuPont Public Affairs Team: PRWeb Was One of Our Best Decisions

“We are located in 70 countries in multiple time zones across the globe,” says Ed Adams, the manager of the DuPont Company’s Global Public Affairs Department. “We need consistent messaging and we need communication tools that give you the maximum bang for your dollar.

“The finest return on investment a public affairs team could have for a corporate news release comes from the new Financial Visibility PRWeb release.”

Ed has been a user of Vocus software since 2005, having joined the Public Affairs team as an analyst tasked with finding better processes for the company to manage its global communications.

“PRWeb was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

“My degree is in chemistry,” Ed laughs. “I joined the team not as a communications professional, but as a new set of eyes. My first project was to try to identify a better way to pull together our Public Affairs operations on a global basis. I did a very strategic analysis, and Vocus was my number one choice.

“Younger businesspeople like a multimedia approach to news”, says Ed. “They don’t read word-for-word; they scan”.

“We started incorporating email campaigns and direct communication programs, and I began campaigning to use PRWeb news releases. In 2008, the company agreed, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We now distribute more than half of the DuPont Company’s corporate press releases through PRWeb.”

“PRWeb provides a multimedia approach to communications,” Ed says. “The old-school, text-based approach to press releases isn’t getting the attention of younger businesspeople, who like a multimedia approach when they’re learning or looking at something. They don’t read word-for-word; they scan. There are a lot of studies that have shown that by having a multimedia approach, you get both sides of the brain involved. People spend more time looking at your material. PRWeb enables you to do this cost-effectively.”

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“We have several goals when we send out a press release on PRWeb,” Ed says. “A lot of it has to do with the content and the material we are doing. Sometimes I use PRWeb to promote a certain event and tie a message to it, using PRWeb as a key driver toward some of the innovative work that DuPont is doing right now.

“On other occasions, it may be a celebration of something. For example, our packaging division sponsors a global competition for companies involved in packaging to reduce waste; to increase the freshness of food; a competition judged on a lot of different criteria. We want to highlight them and celebrate winning items from the competition.

“This year, I had the pleasure of being able to send out the final results of this competition using the new Financial Visibility PRWeb release. With Financial Visibility, I was able to get that message out to hundreds of locations. For reporters doing follow-up stories, the release gave them multimedia to include in their stories, and the content became very viral. The social media connecting tools inside PRWeb were extraordinary and worked like a charm.

“Quite a few media hits resulted from that distribution,” says Ed. “And in this case, other companies are involved. They’re partners of ours, and we want to celebrate them as much as we want to celebrate the DuPont Company. When we use PRWeb to get the results of a competition like this out, it helps our customers grow along with us.”

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