In Social Media, You Can’t Put the Spotlight on Someone without Getting a Little Bit on Yourself

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Give a little love Note: Today’s post is a guest post by Francesca StaAna, a very active member in the PRWeb community.

There’s an old adage that goes something like, “happiness is like perfume; you can’t sprinkle it on other people without getting a little on yourself.” The principle behind it is that if you want to be happy, then you should be willing to make others happy, too.

The same thing applies to social media. If you want to get more engagement and interactions, you have to engage and interact with others first. As Internet marketers, we sometimes get caught up in promoting OUR own stuff, we forget that being “social” has never been about us.

Thankfully though, it isn’t difficult to get rid of these shameless self-promotion habits. The following tips are quick and easy things that you can do to spread some Internet love to others while earning you tons of good social media karma at the same time.

Link to others on your blog – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: be generous when it comes to linking to others on your site. If someone else’s article inspires you to write a post or if you’re getting a direct quote from another blog, be sure to include hyperlinks. There’s a good chance that they’ll see it (thanks to trackbacks and Google Alerts) and you might even get a mention out of it.

Publicly congratulate others – Speaking of Google Alerts, use this tool to track the online mentions of your clients, contacts, or colleagues. When you get an alert with their name on it (say they won an award or got quoted in an article), be sure to congratulate them—publicly. Send them some kudos on Facebook and Twitter, and even include the link in your posts. They’ll see it, your fans will see it, and everyone will know just how thoughtful you are. (Thanks to Peter Shankman for the tip.)

Interview people in your industry – Slow news day? Consider interviewing colleagues or other people in your industry. You’ll not only take care of your content issues, but you can potentially get more exposure when your interviewee shares the piece with their audience. Win-win.

 Tag and mention people often – Tagging others on Facebook and Twitter is another effective networking and social media trick. When you mention or tag other users, they’re often so flattered or grateful that they mention back or vouch for you somewhere down the line. And if they don’t respond at all, who cares? Just think of it as you spreading some good vibrations and everyone wins.

Retweet, repost, and acknowledge – Re-posting content from another site? Be sure to acknowledge them in your post by including something like “via @insertbloghere” or “Thanks for the tip @insertbloghere!” While these little acknowledgements can go unnoticed with media and content giants, smaller blogs will greatly appreciate the gesture and can increase the chances of them conversing with you and re-posting your content in the future.

Invite guest posters – Guest posting isn’t just effective in adding more content to your website, it’s also a great way to get new readers.  Whenever guest authors promote their articles (that you published), they’re promoting YOUR website at the same time, earning you a lot of added endorsements and exposure.  Just be sure to choose your guest writers wisely and only approve articles that truly add value to your site and your readers.

Francesca StaAnaAuthor Bio: Francesca is the founder of Credible Copywriting and specializes in writing blog posts, web content and press releases for startups, Internet companies, and mobile app developers.


Twitter: @francescastaana

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