Most Read Blogs on PRWebI can’t believe this weekend marked Labor Day – this summer has flown by. What marketing or PR activities have you crossed off your to-do list this summer? For us, we had a goal of producing three, really great pieces of content a week for the PRWeb blog to inspire and educate. Looking back at our most-read posts this summer gives you an idea of our most popular content – and for good reason: PRWeb upgrades, Pinterest making a splash in marketing and content marketing strategies seem to be the focus for a lot of you over the past few months:

1)      Introducing a New Level of Visibility – PRWeb announces several steps forward that reinforce PRWeb’s position as the #1news distribution service – including social enhancements, more local distribution and an added financial visibility package.

2)      The Real SEO Value to Using PRWeb – One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from PRWeb customers is “What is the SEO value to using PRWeb?” There a lot of different opinions and perspectives and this topic we wanted to take the opportunity to share our official perspective.

3)      Quick SEO Checklist Before You Submit a Press Release: 6 Tips – There’s nothing like a checklist to ensure success.  We here at PRWeb are especially fond of them and so we’re offering one to help you cover all your SEO bases before you submit a press release.

4)      5 Ways You Can Make Pinterest Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy – You may be wondering if Pinterest is a worthwhile addition to your content marketing strategy.  We say absolutely – especially if your target audience includes women.  Here are 5 ways you can start.

5)      11 Marketing and PR Boards to Follow on Pinterest – We’ve already established how important social media marketing is to your brand – so we’re sharing some of our favorite marketing and PR gurus who are doing it right on Pinterest and giving away great tips for your biz.

6)      15 Must Read Small Business Marketing Blogs – There are hundreds of millions of blogs floating around the Internet today, and sifting through them to find the best content around takes time.  However, once you have a solid list, perusing the content from week to week can provide us with a mountain of marketing ideas. We’ve taken a chop at helping narrow down the list.  Here’s 15 (mostly) small business marketing blogs we think are must reads.

7)      Cheat Sheet: How to Pitch a National Journalist – Though this blog was posted earlier this year, it came in as one of the top ten blogs read on PRWeb this summer – pretty neat. Our latest installment of pitching tips comes from the Help a Reporter (HARO) conference call with Peter Shankman and four top-tier journalists at national publications.

8)      Infographic: Top PR Campaigns – A History – Posted in late 2011, this infographic is a testament to the power of multimedia on blogs as it comes in as the #8 most read on the PRWeb blog this summer. The best part about knowing a little history of PR is that though the principles may be as old as time, the fundamentals still apply: evoking emotions in PR campaigns and creating a call-to-action are only two of many timeless PR campaign tactics you should incorporate into your plan.

9)      10 Media Pitching Tips for New Entrepreneurs – “Read first, pitch second” and “pitch a story, not a product” are just a few of these ten golden nuggets for pitching provided by our own director of PR, Frank Strong.

10)   3 Easy Tips for Successful Content Marketing – Transparent strategies for resonating your readers are offered by Marcus Sheridan, a Vocus webinar guest also known as ‘The Sales Lion.” Solving problems, being truthful about prices and tapping into trends serve as great takeaways from this post.

A trend I’m noticing as I write this post and view our Google Analytics…the most read posts on our blog this summer aren’t necessarily those published during the summer – they’re blogs that contain keywords for small business, media relations, PR and marketing . It’s cool to see that our keyword research is paying off through search – are you seeing similar results on your pieces of content on the web? What kind of content resonates with your readers the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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About Annemaria Nicholson

Annemaria Nicholson is the North American Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at Cision. She drives go-to-market content, blog and social strategy for multiple brands and loves to experiment with interactive and multimedia content to better engage and inspire audiences. Her innovative content programs helped Cision place as a finalist at the 2016 Content Marketing Institute Awards and turned the marketing department from a cost center into a revenue center. As a direct result of her content strategy, the business was able to move the needle on key business KPIs.

As Head of Content, Annemaria has a strong track record of creating high quality multimedia content, blog posts, tip sheets, videos, instructional content, case studies and more to create great customer experiences. She revolutionized Cision’s outbound promotion efforts to amplify its inbound lead generation results by creating a multichannel program that promotes content via additional, complementary and unique content to drive discoverability, search rank, audience awareness, credibility, and ultimately more leads and revenue for the business.