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Give Your PR and Social Media A Facelift With These 3 Tips

Give Your PR and Social Media A Facelift with These 3 TipsFor those small business marketers who feel their PR and social media efforts have lost their luster, we’ve got a much-needed boost for your creative engines.

It isn’t easy separating yourself from the crowd when it comes to crafting head-turning content on a long-term basis, especially when you consider that the corporate giants vying for some of your customers have multi-person teams to manage their PR and social media.

Do you really have a chance as a small business marketer to create and maintain a PR and social media presence that will continue to draw consumers back to your brand?

Heck, yeah.

Check out these recent examples of companies that have stepped out onto the PR and social media ledge and left their mark on the horizon and learn how you can do the same:

  1. Goad/Invite/Tease Us Into Reading More –

Blamed for Dad’s Gray Hair? Fix it this Father’s Day

You can’t beat a call to action in the headline as a read-on enticement.  Go Away Gray gives their call an added spark by tying the headline into a seasonal message.

Bed Bug Bully Warns Olympic Attendees and Hotel Managers About the Little Blood Suckers

Timely and titillating.  Everyone hates bed bugs but our fear of being victims will prompt us to read this press release from BedBugBully.com – especially if we plan to be in London for the Olympic Games this summer.

The Take Away — While it’s certainly easier to create a headline that tells the basics and nothing more, it isn’t setting up your chances for a press release distribution home run.  Use provocative messaging, arresting language, and connect to real life events to grab our attention and inspire your PR and social media messaging.

  1. Create A Viral Ready Press Release

A great example of creating a press release with the right topic at the right time is the story of the company WordStream.  Days before the Facebook IPO, they released an infographic detailing the results of a study they conducted titled, Facebook Advertising vs. The Google Display Network.

The research showed that Google provided better results for advertisers.  The WordStream team timed the release of the infographic for 3 days before Facebook’s IPO with a press release and blog post.

In the beginning they got a small series of pick-ups by various media outlets but then just 6 hours after their press release had been distributed, the Wall Street Journal announced that GM had pulled their advertising from Facebook and the article pointed to WordStream’s new research as a possible reason.

Suddenly the tide turned and multiple outlets picked up the press release worldwide.  WordStream’s Founder Larry Kim learned a number of valuable lessons during the process.  One being that their first press release headline, New Research Compares Facebook Advertising to Google Display Network: Who Comes Out on Top? was adequate but not virally exciting.

So they re-wrote the press release with a new headline, “Does Facebook Advertising Work?” and voila, a viral press release was born.  This new headline tied in perfectly to the questions journalists were asking in their articles about why GM bailed on Facebook.

The Take Away – Be ready to re-craft and re-direct your press release in case you have the good fortune of tying into current events.  To stay on top of viral possibilities, track your press release through your press release distribution service and social media monitoring tools and be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice.

          3.      Integrate Multimedia For Added Press Release Punch

Mayan Calendar Comes to Life and Speaks Mayan Date as No One Could Hear for More Than 1000 Years

“Modern technology brings to life piece of cold stone and makes it speak Mayan date as recorded by Maya civilization during classic period (approx. 250 AD – 900 AD) to commemorate life of kings and queens, and to remember important historical events. Maya Stone Calendar app has been released for iPhone and iPad.”

The press release announcing this new iPhone/iPad app provided added appeal by including video elements as a multimedia boost to the content.    Not only can readers learn about the apps via the written release content, they can see an actual demonstration of the product as well.

The Take Away – PR and social media efforts that integrate video are guaranteed audience boosters.  Consumers are not only comfortable with and interested in multimedia presentations, they’re addicted to them, too — the abundance of YouTube videos (over 4 billion are viewed daily) proves that.

And as online viewing hours increase, video news releases may end up being the main way small business marketers attract consumers to their brands via their press release distribution.

Think viral, get creative with headlines and energize your press releases with multimedia and you’ll find that your PR and social media campaigns enjoy more success.

For more ways to jump start your small business marketing, check out our learning center article, 5 Creative Thinkers To Inspire Your Small Business Marketing.

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