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It’s not me…it’s you. 4 Blogging Tips to Appeal to the Masses

I bet you, or someone you know, have heard the (in)famous words “it’s not you… it’s me.” Usually, it’s within the context of “I’m breaking up with you but I’m really trying to be nice about it.” The message that it is trying to convey is that you are not the problem. You’re a great person but something within me is just not clicking with you. But what if the opposite was true? What if “it’s not me… it’s you.”

Sometimes, the blogging experience can feel the same. In the same way that you want to have certain things in your relationship to make it a success, the same goes for blogging. Making it work requires lots of hard work and effort.

So what are the qualities you need to have to ensure that not only do you get people to look at your blog, but actually be a faithful follower and promoter?

Here’s my top four list I look for:

1. Content

We live in a busy world. We all have places to go and things to do. This means that my time is precious. So if I’m going to take the time to read your blog, you better have something important to say. Find something that you’re passionate about and never lose your love for learning about it because before you know it, you can become the expert in that field

2. Creativity

Just because you know letters and words – and even have the ability to join words together and form sentences – does not mean that you are a writer. A writer is someone who can paint worlds in your imagination and make you feel angry, sad, hurt, disgust, hope, and fear with nothing at their arsenal other than words. I read Seth Godin’s blog because not only is it informative, he has a certain way of writing that appeals to me. Information doesn’t have to be boring. Get people excited! Whatever you do, make people feel again when they read your words.

3. Consistency

There is nothing worse – and more rewarding- than the waiting with anticipation for a movie that’s about to be released, or a book that’s about to hit the bookstores. Remember the Harry Potter line-ups? Likewise, make sure that people know when to expect your next blog post. Personally, if you want to encourage a loyal fan base, I suggest writing at least once a week. People will lose interest the longer the gap between your posts. Longer wait times can make me wonder if someone is still actively blogging or most often than not, I end up wondering if they’re still alive. Believe me, you want people to think you’re still alive.

4. Confidence

I want to know what you’re thinking. Not everyone has to agree with your beliefs, but at least let others know where you stand. The main difference between a journalist and a blogger is that you can have an opinion. I want to know what you think and how you came to think that. Persuade me to believe you. Woo me with your words to think like you. In short, be different from the rest of the automatons that populate the blogosphere. Stand up and be counted!

The Golden Rule says “Do unto others what you want done to you.” Basically, it’s just another way to say “if you want other people to be nice to you, be nice to them.” Likewise, write things that you would want to read yourself. Trust and believe in your gift. Don’t be afraid to shine. When you do that, people will follow.

Author Bio: Sid Sudiacal is an energetic and passionate individual who is committed to the pursuit of wisdom. He loves singing, writing, social media, and long walks on the beach. He is currently living in Ottawa, Canada where he spends his time pondering life’s deepest questions. You can find him on the web at www.sidsudiacal.com or join in on his conversation @coolaquarius.

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