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Ask Vocus: How Can I Market My Auto Shop on Social Media?

Dear Vocus:  “What’s the most efficient way to expand my auto shop business across social media networks like Facebook and Twitter in order to obtain more customers? Should I be chasing Likes on Facebook? ”

Matt Wolynski, founder and owner, Phenomenal Vinyl

Well, Matt, that depends on how you define “efficient.” Social media sites like Twitter take patience and time. However, they are extremely effective at taking positive comments about your brand, like the ones on your Facebook page, and broadcasting them to thousands of people for free.

If all you want is more customers, you could just go with paid advertising. But if you want excellent brand recognition, great customer service, a loyal fan base and the potential to reach more customers, then here’s my advice:

  1. Don’t chase Likes on Facebook, but don’t avoid them either. There’s a great quote in this article that states: “It’s not platforms that work or don’t work, it’s brand communications and messages that do.”
  2. Have a good plan to get more Likes, but then have a great plan for keeping these people engaged with your posts.
  3. Know your target audience and how they like to consume information and entertainment, then deliver your stuff that way.
  4. Thank your fans by giving them things for free. Nothing turns a customer into an ambassador faster than an unexpected bonus. It’s much more efficient to have five fans singing your praises to 10 friends each than for you to try to sell yourself to 50 people who don’t know you.

Social media is unrivaled for generating awareness and recognition, says our Marketing Consultant

I would also move your “Events” app on your Facebook page “above the fold.” Your events are a key place to deepen your current fan base and raise enthusiasm about your work.  If you haven’t tried live-streaming your events on the Web, this could be another way to add fans who could later become customers.

During your events, make sure you have a Foursquare check in, and offer rewards for those who “check in” the most. Also don’t be afraid to capture all the engagement you’re getting on Instagram and re-post it on other platforms like your website.

For example, if you take a screen capture of the 12 comments you received from your #mitsubishievolution picture, post it on a page of “reviews” on your website, then Tweet out a link to that section of your site, you’ve accomplished several tasks in one post. You’ve increased awareness about your work; you’ve promoted the fans who have left posts about this picture; and you’ve added to your SEO by updating your site with fresh content.

Now that sounds efficient. Good luck!


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