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The 5 Rules for Successful Guest Blogging

If you’re new to the blogosphere or just looking to expand your reach, guest blogging can provide an amazing opportunity to be recognized by your peers and get exposure to a wider audience. As guest blogging grows in popularity, there are more chances for you to be picked up by search engine spiders and perhaps others that may be interested in the services you provide. However, there are few rules to follow in order to be a great guest blogger:

The first rule of guest blogging is to check and see if the blog even allows guest blogging. While you may like a particular blog and their style, they may have specific rules for guest blogging or not even allow it. Search the blog carefully. Are all articles written by the blog author? Is there a statement regarding guest blogging in their bio or contact information? If you don’t see anything, contact them politely and ask.

The second rule for successful guest blogging is to read the blog. Seems simple enough but you’ll be surprised how many people just do a search for guest blogs or sign up somewhere but don’t read the content. Does the blog align with your interests and values? Will your blog post match up with the site content? If the blog is about cupcakes, don’t submit a guest blog post about cats. Also, take the time to read the content thoroughly especially if it’s a controversial blog. Will submitting to any of these blogs hurt your credibility or add value and be an advantage to you?

Once you’ve done your homework, the third rule is submit a proposal. You have to convince the blog owner that you’ll be a valuable asset to their blog. Even though you’ll be guest blogging, treat this opportunity like a job interview. Prepare a cover letter with your contact info, social media links (if relevant), a brief proposal of your intentions, why you would like to guest blog, what your intentions are, and a few samples of your work. Sell them on your work. Bloggers appreciate a well drafted proposal and it helps build good rapport up front.

Once your proposal has been accepted, the fourth rule is to follow their guidelines. Is there a certain word limit? A style that they follow? Clarify all this up front before you write your blog post and be sure to edit your submission before sending it in. The last thing a blog author wants to do is sit and edit your submission to follow their guidelines. They might publish it but it could also be the last submission they accept from you.

Before submitting your blog post, ask if you can have an author bio to promote your work. Since you’re doing a favor for them, most blog authors don’t mind this however it’s still polite to ask and another guideline to follow.

You’ve done your homework, submitted your proposal, written your piece, and voila! It’s live! The fifth rule is to share it. Share a bit about the platform, the author, and your involvement. Also, share any other content they have and maintain a strong relationship. If they invite you back, respond to them in a timely manner with your submission and continue to promote your guest blog and any other relevant content. Monitor any comments and respond back. Watch as it’s being posted and follow the progress.

Are you a guest blogger? Tell us in the comments below what tips and suggestions you have for guest blogging.

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