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9 Circles of Google+ Customer Segmentation

Generate leads all ye who enter here.

For over a year, Google+ has toiled in the purgatory of social media obscurity. But since launching company pages in 2011, brands across the Internet have seen the light of Google+’s robust set of marketing tools and are beginning to drive increased traffic, engagement and leads from the network.

Take Circles for example. The Circles feature let’s you segment followers to perform highly targeted content marketing. Creating Circles is not a complicated process, but figuring out the optimal way to slice followers can be tricky.

Read on to begin your journey to the depths of Google+ and explore the 9 circles to best optimize your content for lead generation:

1. Friends, Family, and Coworkers: These are followers in limbo. They are listless, wandering and don’t necessarily play a role in your sales process. Types of content you would generally share with leads or customers (eBooks, White Papers, etc) may not be interesting to a family member with no stake in your brand. Best to leave them out in the cold.

2. Potential Leads: The companies you lust for. Potential leads include companies gathered via lead gen forms, emails, etc that would make excellent customers down the road. You can target these followers with top-of-the-funnel content and offers to keep them engaged, while avoiding the more technical, sales heavy aspects of your brand.

3. Disengaged Leads: When a customer deactivates, your more gluttonous tendencies just can’t seem to let them go. Target this segment with special offers or promotions to lure them back into the fold.

4. Potential Revenue: Every business is out to make a profit; some may even call it greed. Targeting valuable, industry specific resources to big-spenders is a great way to ensure a consistent engagement and revenue coming from your best customers. You’ll also have the chance to position yourself as a thought-leader in any particular industry, regardless of where your true expertise lays.

5. Geographic & Demographic: Developing Circles based on the who, where and why of your customer base will help to deliver highly targeted offers and information to build a trustful relationship between your customers and brand. If a customer is in Chicago, offer cool statistics about their city or special events going on around them. They’ll get a personalized brand interaction, and you’ll get a valuable lead.

6. Competitors & Competitors’ Customers: Keeping tabs on competitors and their customers can help highlight where they are successful and how you can tap into their revenue stream. It may be heretical for a customer to switch brands but you’re out to make a successful business, not friends.

7. Strategic Partners: Reinforce your relationships with partners by providing content valuable to both their brand and customers. You’ll kill two birds with one stone by strengthening industry bonds and reaching their most engaged customers with sales ready content.

8. Topics and Interests: When a customer follows you on Google+, you’ll gain access to the interests and preferences allowing you target content that they will find most engaging. For example, if you see a customer is more geared towards eCommerce, send them content on online shopping best practices or interesting eCommerce news.

9. Referrals and Advocates: Repeat customers and brand advocates are the most effective way at generate recurring revenue. Analyzing your website’s purchase history can help identify who bought your products in the past and whether they redeemed a special promotion or deal. You’ll be primed to offer similar deals in the future or contact them for recommendations and referrals.

Google+ Circles can be used to better manage your followers, target content more effectively and drive more robust engagement from your customers. All of these circles could potentially overlap, but no one brand is free from the Circles of Google+.

Have you tried out Google+ Circles? Tell us how you segment customers in the comments section!


Author bio: Valiant Lowitz is a marketing and communications consultant specializing in creative, innovative strategies that drive traffic and profits to online businesses and blogs. Currently working for Ambassador, an online referral marketing platform to drive peer-to-peer referrals that help generate increased sales and revenue for online businesses.

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