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Too Busy to Tweet? Try These Other Methods to Market Your Business!

Too Busy to Tweet? More Ways to Effectively Market Your Business Today’s blog is a guest post from Carly Lance, who specializes in personal and business finance as well as social media and small business marketing. 

You’ve seen them at trade shows and at restaurants around town: The Tweeters. Seemingly unable to put away their smartphones and enjoy the company they’re with, the Tweeters need to document their life and business at all times. The worst part? They’re successful! People actually dig their constant stream of content. How can you duplicate the Tweeters’ success without diving in head first? Try these methods to get your name out there without super gluing your smartphone to your hand:

Choose one social media network to try. You don’t need to be on every single social media network. In fact, you’ll be better off simply joining one and perfecting it before you move on. Learning the basics of one network can make it simpler and easier to manage and doesn’t take up nearly as much time as joining and using all of them will.

Use the ten minute method. Social media is valuable even if you aren’t spending tons of time updating, posting and tweeting. Practice the ten minute method: Set an egg timer for ten minutes, then use that time to monitor and respond to your social media requests. If you’ve already chosen a single platform to work on, this method works beautifully. That’s just enough time to respond to any requests people have left on your wall, to reach out to a few new people and to craft a new status update.

Respond first, talk second. Social media is all about conversations. If you choose to spend your social media time talking to people, rather than with them, you may as well log out and go do something else. Before you update statuses or send out a tweet, respond to what people are saying about or to you. Answer questions, give advice and interact: That’s the trick to doing social media effectively.

Use old school marketing tactics. Just because social media is a thing doesn’t mean it has to be your thing. Some companies eschew social media altogether and are still doing just fine. Instead, use that time to come up with other exciting marketing ideas. Maybe you’ll give away balloons printed with your logo to every child who comes by. Perhaps you could get involved in the community by hosting workshops or volunteering. Just be social instead of doing social media.

Trade off for a trade show. Instead of spending your whole day tweeting, why not research and attend a trade show in your industry? You’ll have more fun learning what’s going on in your field than you will sitting in front of a computer screen. Plus, you’ll make in-person connections. Yes, Twitter can help you meet people in your industry, but meeting them face-to-face first makes just as big of an impression. Instead of putting an hour or two a day into social media, take all that time and invest it in a trade show.

Outsource it. Want your company online and interacting with social media? That doesn’t mean you have to do it. Plenty of companies and freelancers exist to help you with your Facebook and Twitter updates. You can be as involved as you want to be. If you want to help create tweets but don’t want to post them yourself, that’s fine. It’s also okay to tell your social media manager all about your company, then leave them to update your accounts in peace. Just check in every so often to make sure you like what they’re saying.

Show up the Tweeters by having a successful business without marrying yourself to social media. Social media isn’t a one size fits all proposition. There are just as many valid ways to market your business and get your name out there as there are companies. Choose what works best for you, your company and your schedule and you’ll be much happier.

About the Author
Carly writes about personal and business finances and saving money for a bankruptcy company. She hopes to help people manage their money more effectively and stay out of debt in order to reduce the amount of bankruptcy in Canada. She also takes an interest in social media and small business marketing.

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