Twitter Announces New Policy for Copyright Infringement

Photo by carrotcreative via Creative Commons

Through the end of June this year, Twitter had already issued 3378 Copyright Takedown notices, 38% of which were eventually taken down from the site. In hopes of offering their users more transparency into copyright issues, Twitter announced a new policy in which the microblogging site will now be withholding tweets in question.

Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) outlines the specific requirements for formally reporting copyright infringement, as well as providing instructions on how an accused party can appeal a removal by submitting a compliant counter-notice.

Jeremy Kessel, Twitter’s legal policy manager took to the site on Saturday to announce the new policy.   His tweet said that the microblogging service now offers “more transparency in processing copyright reports by withholding Tweets.” In the past, the site would simply take down the tweet in question without warning or explanation.

This new policy was first reported by GigaOm, but news of the policy changes traveled across the Twitterverse this week. Some users even took it upon themselves to tweet out fictitious examples of the copyright infringement messaging to show their disapproval for copyright policies in general.

What do you think of Twitter’s new policy?