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3 Steps to Fundraising Success on Facebook

The idea of interrupting an individual with ads while they’re consuming content is not a new concept. We see this everywhere: online, through television, print ads, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, many organizations abuse social platforms the same way—sneaking promotional posts into a fan’s news feed.

If this has made your business’s “best practice” list, know that you’re not alone.

There are a growing number of businesses struggling to find the best approach to reach their audience. And, creating content without a promotional feel is often difficult. However, non-profits have a huge advantage over for-profit entities when it comes to creating revenue driven content on social media.

Following these three steps, you can take a huge leap forward with your non-profit’s fundraising efforts on Facebook.

1. Develop an Impact-Driven Communications Strategy

People hate to feel “sold” on a product or service. When a salesman approaches you at an electronics store and asks if they can help you, the typical consumer response is a hurried, “No, I’m fine. Thank you.” When, in all reality, you could really use their help.

So how do non-profits get around this? Easy. Consumers aren’t motivated by pushy salesmen or aggressive business models—we prefer to be engaged, and to feel a part of the bigger picture. In other words, feeble attempts by corporations to distract their online audience with FB status updates inquiring about their viewers day rarely proves effective, whereas, non-profits sharing the impact their efforts have on the lives of others excites their online audience. Viewers want to respond and share about such organizations without being prompted.

By shifting your content to focus on the impact your organization is having on people’s lives, you can start to develop the case for support needed to get a first-time gift.

2. Acquisition is Your Friend

Many organizations tend to develop a social media strategy that fails to address the volume of people with whom they are communicating. And, when campaign results suffer, they blame the channel. Similar to email marketing, social media marketing efforts require an engaged fan base to be successful.

Facebook advertising offers a level of granularity unparalleled by other social mediums. This extensive platform is an extremely successful tool that allows your business to target and acquire new customers in ways never thought possible. By simply running an advertisement that promotes your cause or mission, you can drive people to “like” your page.  And given the perception that non-profit’s aren’t pushy entities, these advertisements don’t come off as promotional, and often turn very good results.

3. Promote Your Fundraising Campaigns

One of Facebook’s greatest features is the ability to promote posts on a businesses page. While revenue-driving posts often receive the least amount of engagement from viewers, these posts can be promoted; ensuring fans within your user base view a specific ad, regardless if they choose to respond.

Instead of letting your fundraising campaigns perish due to poor EdgeRank, why not promote your posts and watch the revenue roll in?

Facebook is a powerful tool at the disposal of any business trying to effectively engage their audience. Used properly, non-profits have the ability to post about their efforts and engage their fan base to respond and “share” their story without being asked—a win-win for do-gooders everywhere.

What has been your experience fundraising through social mediums? Share your success story or words of wisdom below!


Author Bio: Tommy Swanson is a marketing fanatic who has a passion for results-driven content marketing. A serial entrepreneur, Swanson built several online businesses in his early teens, one of which was sold to a nationally recognized ad agency. Tommy has contributed to many online publications including Mashable, Washington Times, American Express OPEN Forum, Six Revisions, and many more. Tommy is the Co-Founder of Think Stripes.


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