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For this week’s Fashion & Beauty Buzz from Cision Navigator, we bring you Jamie Stone of Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis. She has lots of street cred, having written for outlets like TotalBeauty.com, StyleCaster.com and ShinyStyle.TV, and has partnered with top brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Degree Women. She dishes to us on her experiences and style.

Q: How did you get into the fashion & beauty media industry, and how did you grow your reach?
I started with an internship at Chanel while I was in college and it just kind of took off from there.  I started working with bloggers early on (from the PR side) and I began thinking how fun it would be to start my own blog. Six years later, I’m still blogging and loving every minute of it.

Q: What was it like to work both as a beauty blogger and in PR? Was that difficult or did it make it easier to have an understanding of both worlds?
I always saw it as a big advantage but yes, sometimes it was hard since I had a full time day job and had to miss out on certain events and trips, etc.  I’m genuinely friends with most of the top beauty bloggers because, even when I was just doing PR, I was always honest, upfront and real with them.  I was lucky enough to work on really good brands that truly valued bloggers, so it was easy to become close and form bonds with such inspiring and smart women.  I’m much happier (and my blog is much more successful) now that I’m no longer in the beauty PR world but I don’t have any regrets about how I got started.

Q: What are some beauty/fashion trends we can look out for this winter?
I never follow trends exactly as they come off the runway- it’s all about adapting them to your body, lifestyle and budget.  For me, right now I’m really into metallic nails and, of course, a red lip for the holiday season.  As far as fashion trends, I’m still loving peplum and the always chic leopard print (I’ve been wearing a lot of snow leopard patterns for winter).

Q: What has been your favorite experience so far as a beauty blogger?
There have been so many that it’s hard to choose!  The beauty girls and I always joke about how jaded we’ve become going to these amazing events and all of the amazing opportunities given to us.  If I had to pick ONE, I’d have to say working with PopSugar and P&G beauty to create a holiday beauty video (airing December 5th!).

Q: Any tips for PR professionals who want to get in contact with you?
A: The best rule of thumb to contact any blogger (not just me) is to do your homework.  Of course they’ll always be the mass pitch where you just need to get the information out there but if you want to work with a specific blogger on a specific project, you should actually READ their blog.  Before you pitch, make sure the product/topic actually makes sense- I get pitches constantly for plus sized clothing and baby products.  Seriously.  However, even if something isn’t a good fit, if I get a nice email from a publicist and I can tell that she/he has actually put a little effort in, I always respond.

Q: What are you PR pet peeves, or what is the strangest pitch you’ve received?
Oh, there have been some doozies!   I’d say my biggest PR pet peeve is when I get an email addressed to “Mr. Jamie Stone” or “Dear blogger Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis.”  Like I said above, there’s a time and a place for mass pitches- but, if that’s what you’re doing, make sure the customization is CORRECT before you send it out.

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