Vine: An Analysis of Twitter’s New Toy

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If you missed the social media news last week, Twitter launched Vine; a standalone IOS app allowing users to share 6-second video clips in an Instagram-esque way.  The Vine iPhone app has rocketed up to the 14th most downloaded free app; so many brands have begun to take notice.  With all the buzz, I decided to take a look at Vine’s engagement numbers over the weekend to see how many public tweets contained a Vine link, if use increased since launch and to determine what the major conversation themes were.

In order to pull all of the public tweets I searched for the term “” using the Cision Social Media Dashboard. This pulled all the tweets that contained the unique URL associated with a Vine video.  While this won’t give us every Vine video that was produced (not all content is shared publicly or on Twitter), it can be a nice indicator on how often and what content was shared.

As of this morning over 100,000 tweets were sent containing a Vine URL since the January 23rd  launch, when Twitter’s Dick Costello sent out a tweet of steak tartar.  As you can see from the graphic below the total amount of tweets containing a Vine link increased fairly drastically throughout the weekend with the coverage spiking on Saturday, Jan. 26 at noon, with over 11,000 tweets sent!

Topic Trend 2

But how did the different users interact with the tweets demographically?  As you can see below most of the tweets containing a Vine link over the weekend were mainly from male users.

 Gender 2

So we know how many total posts and users but what was the adoption rate like internationally?  As you can see below, most of the posts appeared in the United States, UK, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands.  The United States led the way with about 62% of the total volume of Vine tweets.

Region 2

Finally, let’s look at some of the major conversation themes over the weekend.  For this I created a conversation cloud which pulled the 50 most common keywords and ranked them by prominence.  Many of the conversations were from brands including Manchester City (#mcfc) and many users were tagging their stories using hashtags.

convo cloud 2 - Copy

I have created another conversation cloud below which just looks at the most common hashtags being used by users with many of the conversations discussing sports, art or pet (thank you, Internet!) related subjects.

Hashtags 2

I followed this up by rounding out the top 10 hashtags used over the weekend. As you can see the most common theme was users tagging their first post using the said hashtag.  My favorite was the #howto hashtag which many users used to provide quick tips.

We created a Cision NA Vine account and you can see our first video (with hashtags #PR & #Cision!) here. We’ll be hosting an ongoing series of PR Dos and Don’ts on our Vine account, so be sure to check back!

top 10 2


As you can see from the data provided there seems to be a fairly substantial amount of activity on the Vine App with many users sharing and interacting with content.  I believe Twitter has another  home run but moving forward, it will be interesting to see the relationship between producers of Vine videos compared to the amount of users interacting with the content.

What other themes do you think will continue as Vine grows?  Do you plan to use it? Feel free to post your answers in the comments!

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