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Weekly Feature for Fashion & Beauty Fanatics: Q&A with Danielle Gray

The style and beauty doctor

Photo courtesy of Danielle Gray

This is a guest post from Gina Joseph, social media community manager at Cision.

It’s that time of the week again – Fashion & Beauty Buzz – and today’s special guest is Danielle Gray,  founder and editor in chief of The Style and Beauty Doctor, “fashion, beauty and entertainment, all in the same place”


Q: When and how did you get your start in the fashion/beauty media industry?

A: I always deep down wanted to be a writer and used to “publish” my own books complete with an “About the Author” section when I was five. I wrote for my college newspaper’s music section and after I graduated with a degree in marketing, I set out to work at magazines but wound up in finance! I started my blog in 2007 where I wrote about fashion and beauty tips and consistency led me to become a full time freelance fashion and beauty writer in 2010. I’ve written for,,, and a number of beauty brands. Recently I contributed to a story for Cosmopolitan for Latina’s website.

Q: What do you think makes The Style and Beauty Doctor unique?

A: The Style and Beauty Doctor is unique because it gives easy to follow fashion and beauty advice for women of all ages, races, and sizes. Not only that but I also talk about skincare, fitness, and my undying love for beauty products and the latest in fashion in such a fun way that many of my readers consider me a friend in their head.

Q: What is your favorite part of your career?

A: I love interacting and helping women look their best so it’s amazing that the blog reaches women not only in my hometown of NYC but India, Switzerland, Brazil, England, Jamaica, and everywhere in between. I also love to travel. My job took me to Warsaw, Medellín, Montréal, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and more just last year. It’s amazing to be able to report back on the fashion and beauty industry in cities all over the world.

Q: What is the most challenging part or your career?

A: Knowing when to delegate. I’m a hardcore Virgo so I annoy even myself when things have to be done in such a meticulous way. I not only write but I also make television appearances and the prep work is so involved, but it’s hard for me to find an assistant that I won’t feel bad about unleashing my worst Virgo tendencies on!

Q: Any tips for PR professionals who want to get in contact with you? 

A: Take a few minutes to see what my blog is about. It can be a little annoying on both ends to get the same pitch more than once on something my site doesn’t cover. I tend to pay more attention to pitches where I can tell the PR professional has actually read my blog.

Q: What are you PR pet peeves, or what is the strangest pitch you’ve received?

A: When I receive a product that takes time to test like skincare but I get like three follow-up emails and it’s only  been like five days since I’ve had the product. Or when brands switch PR reps or companies altogether and don’t consider the previous media relationships. Like if I’ve worked on a makeup brand for a while and feature all of their launches and then they switch PR and then I hear nothing again. It lets down my readers mostly because they look to my opinion on a particular brand and then coverage decreases.


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