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5 Simple Rules Of Marketing

No matter what you do, where you operate from or what you offer your customers, for any business, ensuring you have a relevant and stable marketing strategy is crucial. Not only will it keep you actively in the limelight of you sector, it will make sure you attract as many people as possible to your business online.

Below are 5 crucial points you need to bear in mind when approaching the marketing of your business, and you should make sure you follow them to optimize your marketing needs. These are only the basics and offer an introduction to creating a solid marketing structure; the rest is down to dedicated and consistent work.

1. Your unique selling point

Having a business already set up, you should be well aware of what your unique selling point (USP) is. Without at least one of these, many businesses eventually fall at the first hurdle, as they simply can’t offer new customers something a developed business can. Keep this in mind and make sure you mention what makes you different as much as you can, where you can.

2. Keep it fresh

Even though it is unlikely that what your intentions as a business are and what you offer will to change, keep your marketing fresh. Update your website with content when you can, keep an active presence on social media sites and let people know you’re a living breathing company. Appearing interested, and not leaving old messages or posts to go stale will show your customers you have a passion to provide, not to mention it will encourage them to want to connect with you on a more personal level.

3. Keep it connected and consistent

Hand in hand with keeping your marketing fresh is staying connected. Posting regularly on Facebook or Twitter is all but pointless if you aren’t willing to put the effort into what comes next – the contact. Customers will feel connected and respected if they comment on a post, for example, and receive a reply.  Consistency is crucial here, you can’t expect others to be okay when they expect a connection to happen but no one was there to reply to them, like they were for others. Engage and reap the rewards.

4. Learn how marketing is constantly evolving

Online marketing is always changing and developing and it’s a keep up or get left behind situation. Keep up to date with changes to social media sites, SEO, blogger platforms and occasionally check marketing blogs for fresh information. You’ll be surprised how easy to pick up and execute the knowledge you will pick up will be, not to mention priceless is keeping you ahead of your competition with the information base you will have.

5. Keep it truthful

Customers know what they want, when they want it, and how – all before they even come onto your website. This means you need to be fully prepared for anything they may have queries on beforehand. Offer FAQ’s on your website, customer reviews and links to social media profiles. Show you care about customers and the service they receive. Customer service should start the second they click onto your website, not just a guaranteed delivery date. One massive point some companies trip up on is they try to boost their online appearance by tweaking or essentially lying about things. Don’t say you can deliver on a promise if your business can’t. If you have to order a part from overseas – don’t tell the customer it will be there in 5 working days. NEVER make up customer reviews, and never use services such as ‘Pay For Likes’ to bump up your site. Online users are extremely good at sniffing out rats, and a rat is not something you want to be when trying to run a successful, healthy and developing business.
Author bio: Shelly Flaherty is a blogger, mum of two and enjoys writing on keeping your business in check. She also recommends keeping your office as clean as your marketing and checking out Ideal Services.

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