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Edible Silicon Valley

By Amanda Belo

Long before Silicon Valley became a Mecca for computer fiends and start-up dreamers, “Valley of the Heart’s Delight” was its moniker, known for prosperous local agriculture and orchards that have since been replaced. Now with a new local edition of the Edible Communities food magazine group, the original Silicon Valley will have a chance to showcase its local and sustainable food movement that has continued to thrive.

Edible Silicon Valley’s first edition hit newsstands in January 2013. Part of a wider network of publications within the Edible Communities company, its sister publications in Central Virginia, New Orleans, Seattle and others that are a voice for regional producers and providers of the sustainable food culture.

The magazine is divided into departments that shed light on who and what is making waves in the sustainable food community in the region. Topics include everything from seasonal food recipes to dining options, craft beverages with tasting notes, food projects, books, health tips, innovators and agri-tourism. With the intention to share local narratives, publisher Kerri Stenson shared her insights and enthusiasm.

“Producers, artisans, farmers, fish mongers, ranchers, restaurants that serve fresh and seasonal food, grocers that sell fresh and seasonal food…[we really want to] get the community involved and tell stories about how food brings people together,” she said.

With technology at the forefront of Silicon Valley, this edition of Edible shares the spotlight fruitful harvests of local cultivation to take equal spotlight amongst microchips and digital circuits. Edible Silicon Valley uses integration of the technology element into its agricultural content, and Stenson gave examples of the various opportunities that can come with bringing the two together.

“We have a lot of innovators in Silicon Valley who are using all of their experience that they have learned in the tech world, and then using that technical outlet to connect people,” Stenson said. “There’s an indoor farm that leverages technology here in Silicon Valley and websites that are connecting people with farmers. It’s just fun to be able to tell the stories of those guys from a technology perspective and a hands-in-the-dirt perspective.”

Stenson expressed her passion for the importance of community and how it factors into Edible Silicon Valley’s plan to engage and connect with readers and neighbors of the Santa Clara Valley. This has included local event collaboration and participation sponsored by other organizations, as well as digital interaction platforms. Another extension of the magazine will be to put on its own events, communing locals and regional providers of fresh food and produce together, such as farm dinners.

Stenson stated that the response so far has been positive, and that people have craved a local magazine like this with a focus on the entire region.

“We’re very fortunate to have 75 brother and sister magazines that are all across the country. [The name is] firmly rooted in this country,” she said. “…We’re just creating a Silicon Valley path.”

Pitching Information

Edible Silicon Valley is very open to collaborations, pitches and story ideas from PR professionals as well as writers, particularly because of how new the magazine is. Suggestions should be Silicon Valley focused, but more importantly, something that submitters are avid and excited about.

“What I have found in my experience is that I like it to be genuinely authentic. I think that writers all have a point of view, so what I’ve said to writers is to pitch me something you’re passionate about and we’ll see how it fits on the editorial calendar.”

She also added that writers might be familiar with a person, concept, business or restaurant that the magazine has not yet heard about.

Stenson mentioned that there are writer’s guidelines based on the department in the magazine. There is also a newly added section that will cover stories about global happenings.


Contact Information

Edible Silicon Valley
2995 Woodside Road, Suite 400
Woodside, CA


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