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The HARO Limelight Series (HLS)-Robin Samora, Source

Welcome to the HARO Limelight Series (HLS), where we will highlight either a reporter or source who has had success(es) with our service each week.

Our purpose with this series is to educate readers on how to more effectively pitch reporters and garner media hits.

We hope you find this series useful. Please leave any comments or questions below!

In this HLS, we interviewed Robin Samora, the Founder of Partner Promotions, which is a Brand Ambassador Marketing and Event firm.

1. Please give the BloggingPRWeb readers a little background information about yourself/your business.

Let’s Make You Shine is the PR division of Robin Samora Inc, which creates fresh and engaging campaigns to connect brands, consumers and the media. Our favorite clients are entrepreneurs, small business owners and experts who want visibility, have a big message to share, and give back to make this a better world.   

2. How did you first hear about HARO and why did you decide to sign up?

I heard about HARO two years ago from some mastermind friends, and signed up to see what the press was looking for. I wanted to  explore how to get additional publicity for my business using the queries, and establish myself as an expert.

3. How has HARO changed the way you market yourself/your business?

HARO has opened up the doors of opportunity for me to get quoted, interviewed, and cited as a contributor in multiple topics: business, marketing, communications and PR. It’s also been great for new business development to get new clients, gain credibility as an expert and build a stronger web presence.

4. How many times have you gotten media placements through HARO?

I never actually kept count, but in two years I’d guess about 50 media placements in blogs, articles, lists, and interview opportunities. It’s fun for me, and I love to pitch.  I also love to share PR opportunities when I see a perfect fit.

5. If you have garnered more than one hit, which was your favorite and why?

I’m not sure I have a favorite, but I did form a friendship with a radio host from Philly after I was featured on his show.  We just  connected. After a couple of conversations, he asked me to be on an Advisory Board for Smart Marketers to mentor young professionals. That was right in line with my own goals of giving back to help entrepreneurs. Opportunities to connect seem to fall into place far more often, when you put yourself out there, and HARO is all about putting yourself out there.

6. From your experience with getting media placements, what are some tips/pointers you can give to people looking to pitch themselves or their businesses to the media?

Here are five (5) useful tips when pitching the media:

a)      Start strong, with your name, position, website address and company description in the first paragraph. Be polite, respectful and to the point.
b)      Keep your pitch short and sweet. If a reporter is interested, he/she will email you back. Content is king to a reporter’s story.
c)      Add a link, but no attachments. Reporters typically won’t download attachments.
d)      Create a Press Response template that you can copy and paste. Use the same intro and closing for most inquiries, and customize the middle for each individualized response.
e)      Use HARO in the subject line, and repeat the query title. There’s no need to write a catchy headline. Save that for your press releases.

7. What are some no-nos when pitching the media?

Here are five (5) No-No’s to pitching:

a)      Don’t ask the reporter to see the story before it’s sent to their boss
b)      Don’t attach photos and other supporting files, unless requested to do so
c)      Don’t Pitch off subject. Reporters get irritated and you lose opportunities to re-pitch to the same reporter.
d)      Don’t stalk reporters or constantly call them
e)      Don’t be pushy or forceful. And like Mom said, “Say thank you often”.

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