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Great PR Pros on Twitter from the Experts

Who in  PR is doing everything right on Twitter?

iStock_000019070133XSmall@sree, @jasonfalls, @prtini, @shonali, @jaybaer, @peterhimler, @laermer  and @prsarahevans are some of the top social media, PR and journalism experts to follow on Twitter… but who do they follow?

Last week at a Cision “Behind the Story” breakfast panel, Sree Sreenivasan was discussing how PR pros and journalists interact on Twitter and said, “I find PR people (and journalists) are generally using Twitter poorly. Some of them use it very well and those are the ones that succeed.  The best PR people I work with are the ones who are connected, not because of Twitter, but because they read a lot, know the issues and have a great rolodex.”

He challenged the panelists to identify some great PR pros on Twitter, people who are “doing it right.” In addition to the panel’s recommendations (I’ve included Sree’s below), I asked some industry experts – and my personal favorites to follow on Twitter – who in PR they thought did it right on Twitter. See below why I follow them and who they recommend:

Sree Sreenivasan, @sreeSree is the chief digital officer at Columbia University, professor for Columbia Journalism School and social media blogger for CNET News. Sree is a must-follow for PR pros because he really understands journalism and the media – two things every PR pro needs to know a lot about. At the panel, he recommended @livajudic (“she has never given me a bad idea”), @steverubel (“who all of you should be reading, he should be the god of PR”), @ReneeEdel, @chaimhaas and @lizkaplow.

Here’s what other experts said:

Jason Falls, @jasonfallsJason is the founder and chief instigator at Social Media Explorer, the VP of digital strategy at CafePress Inc. and co-author of No Bullshit Social Media. Jason was one of the very first people I followed on Twitter in 2008 and he’s been sharing thought-provoking content ever since. Like his book, he is, quite frankly, no bullshit. In addition to other great content, he recommends:

Arik Hanson, ACH Communications: “I’m a big fan of @arikhanson. He’s resourceful and engaging and has a tendency to focus his content and the content he shares around PR-specific interests. Most folks expand way beyond a focused niche, which I think hurts their effectiveness. Arik is solid and reliable. Great example of someone doing it right.”

Shonali Burke, @shonaliShonali is CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting, founder of and blogger at Waxing UnLyrical, founder and moderator of the #measurepr chat and faculty of The Johns Hopkins University. While many experts talk about engaging and outreach, Shonali is a true expert in measurement, while still putting tons of heart in everything she does. She hearts:

Davina Brewer, 3Hats Communications: “Davina (@3HatsComm) is a must-follow on Twitter. She’s smart, funny and actively engages in discussions. She also publishes a terrific blog which keeps it real (something we don’t have enough of in PR.) She is also the acronym queen, so that in and of itself is a reason to follow her. FWIW.”

Jay Baer, @jaybaerJay wears a lot of hats as president of Convince & Convert, co-author of The NOW Revolution, author of the soon-to-be-released Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype and co-host of the Social Pros podcast. I’m a big fan of the fact that Jay talks about content marketing in ways that are relevant to PR pros and marketers, large brands and small businesses. He’s a big fan of:

Elizabeth Sosnow, Bliss Integrated Communication: “Elizabeth (@elizabethsosnow) is a great content curator and connects the dots on big trends impacting content marketing, PR and B2B.”

Sarah Evans, @prsarahevansSarah is the Chief Evangelist at Tracky, created and moderates the weekly #journchat and blogs at Sarah’s Faves. For the tech-savvy PR pro, Sarah recommends lots of self-described “nerdtastic” tips and tools and also has a passion for identifying the intersection of the media and PR. She originally recommended Heather Whaling (“She’s a solid source of great information…”) but when I told Sarah that Heather was already one of my industry experts for this post (see below), Sarah’s fave (pun intended) was:

Deirdre Breakenridge, Pure Performance Communications: @dbreakenridge is an educator, mentor, author and professional I can’t live without. Deirdre is a leader in the PR industry and she’s helping to shape the professionals of tomorrow.”

Heather Whaling, @prtiniHeather is president of Geben Communication, blogs at PRtini and co-moderates the weekly #pr20chat. What I love most about Heather on Twitter is her ability to share practical real-life tips on PR with the community, while still building relationships with journalists and influencers. Her nomination?

Stephanie Florence, Edelman: “@StephanieFlo is a great example of a PR pro ‘doing it right.’ On Twitter, she shares interesting content, while also developing and maintaining relationships with people. A perfect combination of personality and ‘meaty’ content. As a result, she’s built a solid network, made new friends and established herself as a rising star in the industry.”

Peter Himler, @peterhimlerPeter is principal at Flatiron Communications, blogs at The Flack and is a contributor at Forbes. He’s been on Twitter since October 2007 and has amazing insights on influence, PR and social media. I also like his RebelMouse page that curates and lays out the links he retweets, likes and shares. His recommendation is:

David Teicher, AdAge: “While not a PR person per se, I think @aerocles is aces. He has an uncanny ability to curate the most interesting and relevant (to PR/ad peeps) tweets/links, and he does so in real-time.”

Richard Laermer, @laermerRichard is CEO at RLM PR, author of too many books to list here (I think he’s up to eight) and co-founded the Bad Pitch Blog. I love following him because he constantly makes me laugh and then using some kind of trickery, I realize that while laughing, I’ve learned something from him that I couldn’t have found anywhere else. He truly is a trendspotter and independent thinker. Richard follows:

Joe Cockrell, Brandman University: “The PR pro who makes me laugh and keeps me enlightened the most is a guy named @JoePRGuy who is (I gotta admit) one of the few popular marketing execs that I follow religiously. Unlike most other know-it-alls, he doesn’t flaunt his popularity or his wit. I’m more than a little tired of reading posts by people who are Godin-like proud of what they’ve just done or thought of. It’s not what I love about Twitter: I’m interested in real information or knowledge–or even silliness that somehow makes me smile or feel good or learn a thing! Joe (Cockrell), whom I never have met, is a funny, humble and true-to-himself guy eager to stay on top of the ever-evolving trends in our business (of course) and never ceases to share insights into whatever it is he has learned. And he’s not frivolous either. Finally–and this is probably the best part –he also follows others carefully enough to know who has something to say and who is just typing. I’m sure he has a life and I know he has a job. So that’s quite a feat to juggle all that in a single feed…”

Want to follow all these amazing PR pros and experts on Twitter? I’ve created a Twitter list here. Who do you love to follow on Twitter in PR?

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